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Your take on Broncos-Bengals … in six words or less

CINCINNATI – There’s no crowing about a 69-14 margin over six quarters now; although the Broncos extended that run to 86-17 after Trindon Holliday’s kickoff return for a touchdown, they allowed as many points in the next 15 minutes, 39 seconds as they’d conceded in the previous 120.

But it was a gut check against a team that was in the playoffs last year — one that was more than willing to test the Broncos’ most experienced, seasoned and decorated defender. And eventually, they passed.

Not every win is going to scrape the ceiling of this team’s potential; this one didn’t, and there might be some balky moments in the next few games, as well. But they left the week where they entered it: in first place with a one-game lead over the Chargers.

And for that, Broncos fans breathed a relieved sigh and moved on.

Gotta win ugly to win ring.

Resilient Broncos’ road victory in Cincinnati.

Not pretty but still a win.

Nice win. Important for playoffs rally.

Kuper being ok is KEY.

Needed 9 more yards!!! Great win!

Supposed to win the dog fights.

8 more to go.

MASON: I figured you might be more optimistic than that.

Composure, grit through mistakes.

AFC just got interesting!

Tough road test…the Broncos pass!

Nice gritty road win.

Despite mistakes, take win on road.

Play poorly, score 31; that’s good.

Winning streak. It has happened before.

MASON: It sounds best in the proper Lou Brown voice.

Good teams always find a way to win.

Today’s lesson: Never doubt Peyton Manning.

One win at a time.

Wish I’d seen it #GirlfriendFirst


Too many bullets in our feet.

But not enough to keep from walking.

Bengals killed themselves. We got lucky.

They took care of their business.

Taking care of business, every (Sun)day.

Homer Simpson said it best: “It’s BTO — they’re Canada’s answer to ELP. Their big hit was TCB. That’s how we talked in the 70′s. We didn’t have a moment to spare.”

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