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Still plenty of time for NHL, Avs to have full season

Tuesday was more than an election day for the Colorado Avalanche and the NHL.

It was the first time since Oct. 18 that the NHL and NHLPA returned to the negotiating tables, with plans to resume talks on Wednesday, and if the two sides can get something figured out soon, then there would still be plenty of time to get a close-to-full season in. According to calculations by the Edmonton Journal, there is still plenty of time for a season, but the length of the season is still somewhat in question.

The last few NHL regular seasons averaged 185 days to complete the 82 regular season games, meaning teams played one game every 2.25 days.

Using the 1994 lockout-shortened year as an example, the ratio between days and games did not change much, dropping to one game every 2.15 days during that season.

If a new collective bargaining agreement can be reached during these negotiating sessions, the Avalanche will begin their season on Nov. 21 and play 74-76 games.

Every two days that pass will shorten the season by one game, with mid-February being the estimated time to cancel the season.

Last night America voted to “move forward” with President Obama, while the Avalanche and NHL are hoping to move forward with negotiations so they can salvage their season.

For more on Tuesday’s scheduled NHL talks, click here.

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