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Embree continues to say race played role in firing

The firing of former Colorado head football coach Jon Embree has become much more than just a local story.

On Wednesday morning, Embree joined the Evan and Phillips show on Sirius satellite radio’s Mad Dog Radio to discuss his firing and the possible role race played into it.

“I get it, 4-21 (Embree’s record at CU) is not good, but there is a lot that went into that,” Embree said. “I feel for every coach that gets fired, but (former Iowa State and Auburn head coach) Gene Chizik was 5-19 and got another job while he was currently 5-19, right? So to say it was just the record, I don’t buy that.”

When asked if he thought Chizik would have been hired by Auburn if he were an African American, Embree had a simple answer.

“No,” he stated, while laughing. “He’s not getting that job.”

Embree also believes that he would have been given at least one more year to turn things around if he were of the same skin color as Chizik.

“Probably, and you’d have to base that on history,” Embree said. “And history says you get more than two (years). I’m not in to research and all the other aspects of it, but how many coaches have been fired after two years with the same record?”

As for Colorado’s next head coach, Embree does not expect another minority candidate to get an opportunity.

“I don’t know how a minority outsider would feel confident about leaving a current job that they were in and having success to come in here and roll the dice like that,” he said. “I’m going to say a white coach (will be hired), because the coach they just fired was black.”

However, Embree said that CU boosters were supportive of Embree, and have continued to show their support even after his firing.

“The money guys so to speak have been tremendous for me since I’ve been hired, and since this incident has happened,” he stated. “I’ve heard from the guy who lets me use his jet to recruit and we had a 20 minute conversation last night and he is hurt and upset by what happened. The Colorado money guys were all in with Jon Embree. Not even close they were all in.”

Black, white, yellow, green or purple, the one thing for certain is that the aftermath of Embree’s firing at CU has been nothing short of ugly.

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