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Goodman: McCartney fueling a non-existent fire

Bill McCartney is like a crazy uncle who keeps inviting himself over to your house for dinner. He’s the guest who won’t leave, no matter how many times you try to coax him out the door.

Blathering Bill is at it again. McCartney is still seething about how Jon Embree got screwed by CU. And he’s determined to scream his message from the highest mountaintop.

He distributed an open letter to the media yesterday, and then pontificated about the university’s racial injustice on a local radio station.

“Men of color have a more difficult road to tread,” he said. “It didn’t happen to me. Why should it happen to a black man?”

It happened to THIS black man because he couldn’t do anything that successful coaches – black or white – can do. He didn’t engage with donors. He didn’t hire a solid assistant coaching staff. He didn’t avoid weekly blowouts. He didn’t recruit enough talent. And he was routinely outcoached.

This is a black-and-white issue. There’s no grey and no possible way to defend this. But to make this a black vs. white issue is stunning.

Very few could get over how badly the CU program regressed under Embree’s watch and the school lost $2.5 million in ticket sales this past season. The only black that matters to this university has to do with the books – not the coach.

That said, Bill, you have an eye for football talent, but no eye for coaching talent. You pressured Mike Bohn to hire your guy, only after you wanted the job for yourself.

After yesterday’s display, I think the university made the right decision to keep you off the sidelines. And just a guess, some would like you completely off campus. For a guy who prides himself on being a uniter, you’ve just done it again by becoming a divider.

“You can’t go get the black athlete (at Colorado), not after you completely compromised your integrity with this guy (Embree),” McCartney added yesterday.

Colorado thought it left the arms race in the Big 12 south, but has now lost an entire race, according to McCartney.

The only thing this program is losing is top recruits because it couldn’t stop its humiliating losses. Chaparral tight end Mitch Parsons said he didn’t mind the losses, but didn’t want to join a program that got blown out every week.

It doesn’t matter to McCartney, though, because the “white coach” before Embree got the benefit of the doubt.

“Dan Hawkins got five full years. Why not give Jon Embree five years? You signed him to a five-year contract,” said McCartney.

McCartney is not only shortsighted, but he also has a short memory. Hawkins’ first season was an expected disaster; but then, the Buffs beat Nebraska and third-ranked Oklahoma during his second season. Colorado eventually lost to Alabama in the Independence Bowl – a Crimson Tide program that won the national title two years later.

Season three got off to a raging start with a 3-0 record that was capped with a win over No. 21 West Virginia on a nationally televised night game. The fans stormed the field, the excitement was back and Hawkins started getting feelers about new jobs. Bohn felt he had to roll over Hawkins’ contract before losing him to another school, and most agreed it was the right decision at the time.

This was the height of the Hawkins era, right before the trap door opened. The coach’s tenure lasted two-and-a-half years longer, just two-and-a-half years more than Embree.

To say Hawkins got five years is a little misleading. But the facts don’t fit McCartney’s racially charged argument, so he’s conveniently leaving them out.

“I heard the chancellor (Phil DiStefano) said it didn’t matter what color Jon was. I think that offends every person of color out there,” McCartney said. “This guy can match wits with any white guy out there. He’s the real deal.”

The scoreboard reads differently on the Isle of Delusion.

McCartney finished his open letter with, “Men and women of Colorado, don’t let this happen. It’s wrong. Please stand up and be counted.”

Here’s to hoping the former coach stands up and is accountable, as well. Eventually, he’ll need to answer for creating a racially charged situation when one didn’t exist.

Eric Goodman hosts Afternoon Drive with Mac and Goodman from 3p-6p Monday through Friday on Mile High Sports Radio (AM1510 | FM 93.7).

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