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Newsroom: Should Jon Embree have been fired?

You know these guys from your TV screens every night, but each week exclusively here at milehighsports.com, 7News’ Lionel Bienvenu, Fox31′s Raul Martinez, CBS 4′s Vic Lombardi and 9News’ Rod Mackey answer the Colorado sports question of the week and vie for your vote!

Here’s where you, the reader, come in: the four sports departments will be fighting for a free pizza delivery to each of their newsrooms every week, courtesy of Pizza & Grill at 10th and Lincoln in Denver. YOU select the best response to the question of the week, and the winner gets free ‘za the following day. Pure and simple.

So without further ado, this week’s question (and don’t forget to vote below!):

Should Jon Embree have been fired as CU head coach?

Lionel Bienvenu, 7News: Yes. And no. I don’t believe any coach in the world could have turned around the CU program in less than two years. Not Gruden, Cowher, Saban, or Miles. Embree deserved another year no matter how bleak the “trajectory” looked. But I can see why Mike Bohn pulled the trigger after a 1-11 season and nothing positive to look forward to next year. But the negativity from Coach Mac & other CU alums is tearing the program apart. Good luck to the next guy.

Vic Lombardi, CBS4: Yes. See my timeline @viclombardi. The team wasn’t just bad, it was uncompetitive. I don’t care how long it takes to clean up the Hawkins mess, you have to at least field a competitive team. And you definitely can’t lose to Sac State. At home.

Rod Mackey, 9News: No. CU should have given Jon Embree more time. Two years is not enough. Yes it’s been a brutal two years but unlike with Hawkins, Embree cared. Bill McCartney was 1-10 in his third year then went and won a national championship. Mike Bohn is getting a second and now third chance. why not Embree?

Raul Martinez, Fox31: No. I thought Jon Embree shouldn’t have been fired. He came in to fix a broken program. To fire him after two years is just not enough time. How many of Embree’s recruits were there? Not many. Every university I have covered has given a coach at least four years. I guess Colorado didn’t like the direction Embree was going. It’s a bad pattern to keep hiring and firing, so I the Buffs need to start getting this right or fans will start blaming the people that make the hiring decisions. The next coach needs to be a big name, needs to be paid and needs time to compete in this tough Pac-12.

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