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Top Five: Embarrassing football records

A man in the throes of a massive mishap of some sort, but wiser than the present author once said, “This may look funny, and it is. But not if it happens to you.”

This may or may not have happened, but in my head it is true, probably.

It is for this reason that the admirable and stately reader of Milehighsports.com is subjected to a weekly Top Five column that is absurdly negative in nature. After all, negative subject matter is almost always more entertaining than positive subject matter, as long as you, dear reader, are sitting comfortably at home amidst your endless hordes of wealth and good company. I have no doubt that this is the case with you.

As such, what follows is the second installment of a five part series of Top Five, centered around sports’ least-desirable records. This week, bear riotous witness to the most embarrassing records in football history!

Most fumbles in a game

Len Dawson is a Hall of Famer, but he also had the inexcusable poor taste to hitch his wagon to the Kansas lendawsonCity Chiefs (they were the Dallas Texans at the time, but he still should’ve known, somehow). As such, Dawson’s ill-fated game against the San Diego Chargers in 1964 probably should’ve been expected.

Dawson fumbled a staggering seven times in the contest, and added two more interceptions to boot. With all of those extra possessions, the Chargers still only managed a 28-14 victory, proving that even back then, both of the franchises were mostly inept.

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    You forgot the MOST embarassing record of all. In a league that prides itself on parity, Loser Nation holds the disinction of being the only team to record seven consecutive seasons with double digit losses. Worse, they’ve missed the playoffs for the past 11 years.

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