Matt Duchene

Matt Duchene and Ryan O'Reilly may not play together anymore, but their chemistry has never been better, as evidenced by this hilarious interview

Nathan MacKinnon lives over 2,500 miles from his mom, Kathy, but you’d never know it.

Matt Duchene and his mom, Chris, take their hockey very seriously. But they both know how to cut loose and have a good time.

They say nothing beats mom's cooking. That's certainly the case when mom is a trained chef and you're a professional ice hockey player in need of nourishment.
World Championship

The already extensive contingent of Avs players heading to Russia for the World Championship continued to grow over the last week, as an additional three players were added to their nation's respective rosters.
Avalanche players

While the Avalanche aren't in the playoffs, that doesn't mean Avalanche players aren't -- former players, at least. Check out which Avs alum are still playing
Mikko Rantanen

The contingent of Colorado Avalanche players heading to Russia for the World Championship this year continues to grow
Alexander Radulov

Radulov recently rejected a contract extension offer with his eyes set on attempting a return to the NHL. That return very well may come in burgundy and blue.
Team Canada

Matt Duchene and Calvin Pickard are already signed on to play for Team Canada in the World Championship. Will Nathan MacKinnon be next?
Semyon Varlamov

Russia has announced that Semyon Varlamov will be representing his home country this year in the World Championship