NHL's Third Star of November

After a slow start to the season, Matt Duchene has rebounded in a big way, being named the NHL's first star of the week

Matt Duchene has been a highly productive player for the Colorado Avalanche of late, yet he may be gone soon. Dante DeMarco and Chris O'Malley break it down on The Nosebleed Section
Gabriel Landeskog suspension

The NHL handed Gabriel Landeskog a two-game suspension, but did he deserve it?

It has been a rough start to the season, but a few tweaks here and there and the Colorado Avalanche are suddenly heading in the right direction

Amidst one of the longest road trips in franchise history, the Avalanche may have unburied a gem of a line.

Moving Matt Duchene would be a tectonic shift for the Avalanche, who have spent the last seven years assembling a club around him

Over the next 36 days, the Avs will play 14 road games in a stretch that rivals what is considered the longest "official" road trip in NHL history

Aaron Musick and Kevin Goff of The Sin Bin on Mile High Sports Radio say that Colorado's turnover is one of the biggest contributors to their poor play

The Avalanche locker room is a shaken place after a hard-fought game but a loss nonetheless against the New York Rangers
Gabriel Landeskog suspension

Last week’s predictions resulted in a mixed bag. Doug Ottewill tries to get back on the horse in this week's edition of "Bold Predictions"