It may not feel like it with all of the negative attention surrounding Jose Reyes, but the Colorado Rockies still won the Troy Tulowitzki trade

Reports are that several teams are interested in trading for troubled Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes, but which teams are most likely to pull the trigger?

Jose Reyes may be returning from suspension at the end of the month, but the decision has been made: Trevor Story is the Rockies' shortstop
Jose Reyes

After several months of consideration, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has finally come to a decision on Jose Reyes' punishment

Even while Jose Reyes is expected to receive a suspension of at least 60 games, reports are that there is a market interested in trading for the former All Star

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the verdict on Jose Reyes' punishment could be coming down as soon as today

Jorge De La Rosa has to decide if and when he needs to at least start to reinvent himself as a major league pitcher.
Jake McGee

Closer Jake McGee may not be perfect, but he's doing a much better job for the Colorado Rockies than some may believe

With the injury to Nick Hundley, the Rockies are now working with three catchers in their clubhouse, and their collaboration is paying dividends

In his three years on the job, Weiss has never demonstrated an ability to improve the team’s chances to win. Too often he sways between managing from the seat of his pants and managing by the book.