Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Walt Weiss sees better days ahead in the second half of the season

The Rockies' manager thinks his team is poised to make a run at .500 and eventually the playoffs, given their resiliency so far this season.

Credit Rockies’ utility players for keeping the team afloat in June

The Rockies have some big-time, big-name guys on the roster, but it's the bench that has helped Colorado remain relevant in July for the first time in awhile

Rockies bullpen still a weak spot for the team

The Rockies offense and starting pitching them is keeping them near .500, but the bullpen continues to be an area for needed improvement.
first-round selections

Which Denver team’s first draft selection has the most upside?

With draft season out of the way, which one of Denver's No. 1 selections has the most upside going forward?

Rockies players aren’t getting caught up in the Tulo love-fest

Rockies fans are cheering their former shortstop, Troy Tulowitzki, but the players are clear they want to "bury" the guy who's just an opponent now.

Why is Troy Tulowitzki remembered much more favorably than Carmelo Anthony?

Why does Troy Tulowitzki get cheers while a guy like Carmelo Anthony get jeers?

An All-Star start could push Nolan Arenado over the top

Nolan Arenado is gaining ground on other top-tier MLB players and the greatest Rockies of all-time, now he just needs an All-Star start.

You only have to listen for signs of Jon Gray’s increasing maturity

Stat lines are telling the story of Jon Gray's growth, but no better than an interview with the promising young Rockies pitcher.

The Rockies won the Tulo trade both at the bank and on the field

Despite choosing to cut Jose Reyes, the Rockies still came out on top of the trade that sent Troy Tulowitzki to the Toronto Blue Jays.

Rockies show how they can win without Troy Tulowitzki

Next batter up and by any means necessary. That's how the Rockies won on Monday, and how they can win in the absence of Troy Tulowitzki.