Tuesday, June 27, 2017

All Broncos accounted for at minicamp practice, including an RFA

Technically, Brandon McManus is a restricted free agent. That being said, he showed on Tuesday that he is still very much a member of the Denver Broncos.

From fans to media, nobody can seem to agree on Trevor Siemian

Broncos Country is segmented down the middle. A sizeable chunk of the fanbase campaigns for Siemian to build on his ascent last year. Others want Lynch.

There’s no diluting the value of draft day slips for the Denver Broncos

There is value in upgrading your strengths. A moment of weakness from both Foster and Peppers may provide the Broncos the opportunity to do just that.
NFL Draft

Shane Ray provides advice to draft prospects, NFL general managers

Three days before the 2015 NFL Draft, Ray was cited for possession of marijuana. Prior to the incident, many considered him a top-10 pick. He fell to 23.

John Elway talks Champ Bailey’s induction into Colorado Sports Hall of Fame

“I’ll just say this: it’s the first of many for Champ,' Elway said. "He had a tremendous career and was one of the top corners to ever play the game."

DeMarcus Ware signs contract to retire as a Dallas Cowboy

"For me, coming back here was a big deal," Ware said. "So many great memories here. It was great in Denver, too. But it’s great to finish here.”

Broncos GM John Elway talks Oklahoma Sooners running back Joe Mixon

Elway refused to say if Mixon was on the Broncos' draft board or not. He did however, touch a little on the team's meeting with the RB.

Despite perceived need at left tackle, expect Elway to take best player available

"I guess my philosophy’s always been, when we go into the draft, we want to go in picking the best football players," Elway said on Monday.

A pair of Denver Broncos legends will announce 2nd and 3rd round picks

At the 2017 NFL Draft this weekend, the Denver Broncos will let key figures in their history introduce the newest members of the franchise.

A look at 5 oft-mentioned candidates for the Broncos to take with the 20th...

Here are five of the more popular predictions for the Denver Broncos' first-round selection. Which one has the most appeal?