Up 3-0, Von Miller sack-strips Cam Newton for the game's first touchdown
C.J. Anderson

For the first time since Week 6, C.J. Anderson will be the starting running back of the Denver Broncos

After learning the hard way how fans can influence a Super Bowl, this year it looks to be a pro-Broncos crowd in Santa Clara.
Taiwanese Animators

The Super Bowl predictions engines are working overtime, as are analysts and casual fans, trying to determine the outcome of Super Bowl 50 before it happens.
Peyton Manning and DeMarcus Ware

On the eve of Super Bowl 50, Peyton Manning and DeMarcus Ware come close to tears while addressing the Denver Broncos

Vic Lombardi nabs Broncos Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe just before the NFL Honors to share his memories from playing in the Super Bowl and his keys to a Broncos victory.

The Ring of Fame center is doubling down on the Denver Broncos with some friends who "still think the Broncos aren't any good."

Vic Lombardi takes a stroll with former Broncos tight end Nate Jackson who offers some very candid and personal thoughts about the NFL drug policy.

A look back at the 2015 season and the big moments that led the Broncos to Super Bowl 50 and one win away from another world title

Vic Lombardi catches Joe Namath on the red carpet of the NFL Honors where Broadway Joe tells him there's only two things that are bad about football.