Thursday, March 30, 2017
Denver Broncos

The five most painful losses in free agency for the Denver Broncos

Unfortunately, losing players in free agency is part of life doing business in the NFL, but here are five times that it hurt a little more than usual.

Broncos smart not to panic and overpay at the left tackle position

Regardless of how shallow the market or great the need, Denver should be applauded for sticking to their evaluations of an and not overpaying for someone.

MORNING MINUTE: Many questions surrounding Joe Mixon

Does Joe Mixon deserve this second chance? How does this effect the Broncos on the PR side? Nate and Shawn tackle those questions and more.

His former coach Sean Payton provides scouting report on Kasim Edebali

"He came in here and busted his tail," he said. "He’s going to be a good situational rusher, and he’s also a guy that will play on all four special teams."

Candidates to fill the Broncos’ growing leadership void

The Broncos have lost a lot in terms of leadership over the last couple years. A look at the leaders they have lost and who they can look to in 2017.

Though he gets the criticism, agent Peter Schaffer defends client Joe Mixon

"I did [have reservations] at first," Schaffer said. "Then, I had multiple conversations with the young man, and I was very impressed with his character."

Saints coach Sean Payton talks QBs, including Siemian, Lynch and Romo

Payton knows a thing or two about them quarterbacks. He even knows about Romo, Siemian and Lynch specifically. He offered his two cents to Sean Walsh.

Northwestern alum Trevor Siemian hopeful Wildcats can make a splash

“I’m enjoying it,” Siemian said. “Who knows? That’s the cool thing about March Madness. You see these teams make runs out of nowhere."

Ronnie Hillman chimes in about NFL’s unwillingness to assume risk

“The league is cheap, man," Hillman told Kevin Clark, "and you kind of learn they don’t really take care of you like that.”

Checkered past vs. potential production: Joe Mixon set to visit Broncos

Dove interesting place for the Denver Broncos to meet a player like Mixon. Doves, of course, are a symbol of peace.