Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Butt, Walker ink deals, leaving just one from draft class unsigned

The Denver Broncos were busy last night. They inked not one, but two members of their eight-man 2017 NFL Draft class.

Pro Football Focus highlights yet another way Chris Harris Jr. is the best

Slowly but surely, people coming around to cornerback Chris Harris Jr. After going undrafted, he has emerged as one of the top defensive backs in the NFL.

Of the Broncos’ eight draft picks, these three may have an impact this season

There weren’t all that many holes that needed to be filled in draft. However, that doesn’t mean this rookie class won’t find ways to contribute this year.

Denver Broncos sign rookie cornerback Brendan Langley

"B-Lang is one of those prototype NFL corners," Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib told Mile High Sports. "He has size like myself."

Raise them right: Denver Broncos launch club for newborns

On Thursday, the Denver Broncos announced the formation of the Born in Broncos Country Newborn Club, which babies can join for only $25.

Denver Broncos commit to Garett Bolles with fully guaranteed contract

The Broncos have signed Bolles to a four-year contract worth just over $11 million; which will carry an estimated cap hit of $2 million next season.

Jaguars post a tweet that simply shouldn’t fly with the Broncos

Come on Jags, the No Fly Zone is kind of the Broncos thing. Denver has had the best passing defense in each of the last two seasons.

Fresh out of the draft, DeMarcus Walker provides mature motivational quote

The Broncos have a new DeMarcus. If his latest quote is any indication, there's a chance that DeMarcus Walker may be cut from the same cloth as No. 94.

Looking at which Denver Broncos will rise and fall in the Top 100

Which players do we think will move down or drop off the Top 100 from last season? And which could be improving their status? Here are our predictions.

After offseason of harsh criticism, it’s time to divert attention from the O-line

The question I have for everyone is: does the Broncos offensive line situation really matter as much as we're all reading into it?