Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Denver Broncos’ Casey Kreiter reveals baby’s gender in a snap

Long snapper Casey Kreiter and his wife Meghan are expecting their first child. The snapper announced the gender of the baby pretty creatively via Twitter.

Matt Paradis paces the Broncos yet again in performance-based pay

Broncos center Matt Paradis performed at an elite level in the 2016-17 season, earning him a pertinence-based pay bonus of $306,002.71.

DeMarcus Ware provides reasoning behind his decision to retire

For the first time since announcing his retirement on Monday, DeMarcus Ware commented on his reasoning behind the surprise decision.

Brandon Marshall defends Sylvester Williams leaving for Titans

The Tennessee Titans signed defensive tackle Sylvester Williams earlier this week, which sparked some distaste amongst the Denver Broncos fans.

Von Miller hangs with Johnny Manziel at Drake concert

Von Miller hung out with Johnny Manziel and Odell Beckham Jr. backstage at the Drake concert in Paris Monday night.
Von Miller expects

Von Miller posts a heartfelt message about DeMarcus Ware

As Miller, Shane Ray (read here) and others have illustrated, the numbers don't even come close to telling the whole story of Ware's impact on the Broncos.

The five greatest free agents in Denver Broncos history

The Broncos have found some franchise greats through the free agent market. Here are five free agents that came to Denver, and blew away expectations.

Shane Ray discusses the impact DeMarcus Ware had as a mentor

For Shane Ray, DeMarcus Ware was not just a teammate. The pair shared a bond that went far beyond that.

Denver Broncos cook up a Pi Day post of their own

Now, the Denver Broncos were pretty heavy-handed in the use of the word Pi in the post. Still, it is a very respectable effort.

Offensive lineman Michael Schofield trades his cleats for a pair of skates

The Denver Broncos were hard at work reshaping their offensive line late last week. Michael Schofield however, has turned his attention to another sport.