The Broncos defense got to Cam Newton seven times, but the size of the moment might have gotten to him more.
Von Miller and Jim Nantz

Following a Super Bowl victory, Von Miller and Jim Nantz make sure they get a nice Dab in
Aqib Talib

If there's one Denver Broncos player you'd expect to get so hype he falls off a stage, it's probably Aqib Talib, and that's exactly what he did

The experts agree, Super Bowl 50 was a defensive masterpiece for the Denver Broncos, perhaps one of the best in Super Bowl history.
Super Bowl bonus

Who did Peyton Manning celebrate with first following his second Super Bowl victory? Papa John of course!
This one's for Pat

Broncos Country was expecting, but when John Elway yelled out, "This one's for Pat," it was sweeter than anyone could have expected

Von Miller was named MVP as the Broncos defense takes hold of Super Bowl 50 with seven sacks of Cam Newton.
Conan O'Brien

Capping of the best two-game stretch the NFL has seen form a defender in a long time, Von Miller seals the victory for the Denver Broncos

After the Carolina Panthers completed a deep pass to get into Broncos' territory, T.J. Ward's red zone INT gave Denver new life

Denver finds itself 30 minutes away from a Super Bowl win thanks to another monster performance by the defense.