Brandon Marshall

The Denver Broncos just agreed to a long-term deal with one of their linebackers, but it's not the one you expect. Congrats to Brandon Marshall!

EA Sports has released the trailer for Madden 17, which has some good news in it for Broncos fans (and something that doesn't quite add up).

As a state full of transplants, there are plenty of other franchises that have a local fan base that can grate on everyone’s nerves. It happens in every sport, for all sorts of teams.
Fletcher Cox

With Fletcher Cox grabbing his new mega-deal on Monday, it's getting awfully hard for John Elway to keep denying Von Miller the money he's worth

Von Miller appears to have the upper hand in negotiations after Fletcher Cox's big contract came down Monday, but John Elway still has one big card to play.
Super Bowl 50 championship rings

See what the Denver Broncos had to say after receiving their Super Bowl 50 championship rings

Broncos legend Shannon Sharpe has never been shy about what he has to say, and he isn't when it comes to Von Miller. He wants Elway to sign him now
John Elway and Gary Kubiak

Mark Schlereth says that if John Elway the player was offered the contract Von Miller has been offered, he would try to fight John Elway the GM
Von Miller's suit

While enjoying themselves at the Denver Broncos ring ceremony on Sunday, John Elway and Von Miller reportedly chatted privately
Wade Phillips

The good news is that coach Wade Phillips received a Super Bowl ring likely worth over $30k last night. The bad news is that they had the wrong name on it.