Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Trevor Siemian owes a big thanks to his offensive line

The Broncos offense, led by Trevor Siemian, was consistent. Facing the sixth ranked defense in the league, the offensive line held strong.

The Denver Broncos’ victory over Carolina was more than just another win

The Denver Broncos' victory over the Carolina Panthers was about as telling as the one that earned them a Super Bowl ring back in February
Trevor Siemian

Trevor Siemian shows veteran poise in season opener

Statistically, Trevor Siemian didn' have a great NFL debut, but he did show one quality that will be key to the Denver Broncos' success this season: poise
Denver Broncos

Five things we learned from the Denver Broncos victory over the Carolina Panthers

The Denver Broncos have faced off against the Carolina Panthers in the last two NFL games and have come out victorious both times. Here's what we learned

The ‘Backer is Back: Brandon Marshall is thrilled to remain in Denver

Robin Carlin sits down with the inside linebacker, fresh off a new contract that will keep him in Denver through the 2020 season.

Most importantly, Trevor Siemian has confidence moving forward

The most important thing the Broncos accomplished Thursday night was to instill confidence in second-year quarterback Trevor Siemian.
Denver Broncos

IN THEIR WORDS: The Broncos know they can’t win like they did on Thursday

The Denver Broncos came away with their first victory of the season on Thursday night, but they know they can't play the way they did and expect to win

WATCH: Trevor Siemian and his receivers have a good thing going

Based on several passes made Thursday night, it appears Trevor Siemian is getting quite comfortable with Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders.
Trevor Siemian

Gary Kubiak proves the confidence in Trevor Siemian is real

If Trevor Siemian is a stopgap quarterback, the Broncos sure aren't treating him like one, as Gary Kubiak let the young quarterback sling it on Thursday night

Siemian’s smile after turning the ball over is just what the Broncos need

Trevor Siemian may not be like any other player in the NFL, and that's just what the Denver Broncos need as it payed off in the victory against the Carolina Panthers in the NFL's opening game.