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Comments (9)

  1. avatar
    Bryan Hutchinson Jan. 26, 2014 at 11:22 am

    It’s Bryan again. I was gonna say that this game will come down to turnovers. If the Broncos can keep the ball out of the Seahawks DEF and force their offense to beat us they will win. Punt the ball and keep field position. GO BRONCOS

  2. avatar

    trying to e mail Irv and Joe, I believe that Boston is on their hunt list. Great show!

    Mike from Westminster

  3. avatar

    Listen to you everyday, however, not able to

    call. The Broncos had their chances twice and that is the end of it.

    They had a chance to win two Bowl, and would have had Fox not been the coach.

    He did not have his team ready to play Sunday. Had Carol been the coach in 2012 and this year, Denver would have had to “Super Bowl Wins.

    Under Fox the Broncos will not return.

    Just my opinion

    Coach Oliver
    Denver South

  4. avatar

    If you rewatch the game over and over and some times slow it down,Iam a die hard Seahawks fan and live in The State its obvious Some of Denvers Starters just showed no interest the Best offense in NFL history does not have that much of a drop off in one game,Yes our D is very very good but you can score and move the ball we did lose three games and were behind to SF in NFC championship remeber TB game Arizona,Turnovers also a no no agaist that D they make you pay.

  5. avatar

    what happened to listening to your station on the radio? are you not on the radio anymore.

  6. avatar

    Is there an issue with your FM broadcast? I haven’t been able to get you during my commute for a few days.

  7. avatar

    tried a million times to get this so i could listen to the game…ended up pluging in the radio

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