Sunday, September 25, 2016


The Broncos need much better play at the quarterback position

People can grade Siemian on a curve, giving him a free pass because he’s only made two starts in his career, but that’s not a recipe for long-term success.
C.J. Anderson

C.J. Anderson can be the best running back in football

Eliminate the first six games of the 2015 season and C.J. Anderson has been the best running back in the NFL throughout his career.

The war on football

Football is changing, and it's not just because of the rules; we don't watch it the same way, either. But how are we supposed to feel when everything is a personal foul?

Buckle in Broncos believers, the battle for AFC supremacy will be brutal

Every win will be precious in the ultra-competitive AFC this year with no less than eight teams having a chance to win the conference.

Broncos defense “malicious,” not dirty, says Brandon Marshall

On Monday, after a weekend full of criticism toward the play of the Denver Broncos defense, linebacker Brandon Marshall defended his team and had another word to describe their play.

NFL player safety is just head games

The investigation surrounding concussion protocol for Cam Newton in Thursday's NFL opener feels just as disingenuous as the protocol itself.

C.J. Anderson can (and wants to) do it all

C.J. Anderson entered Thursday's opener against the Carolina Panthers as the Broncos' top running back. He left as the Broncos' best offensive player.

The offensive line needs to put the weight of the season on their shoulders

Trevor Siemian, C.J. Anderson and a talented group of wide receivers will only go as far as the offensive line will take them.

Thursday isn’t just another game for Cryin’ Cam and the Panthers

The Denver Broncos can call Thursday's NFL opener just another game, but for Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers it simply isn't

CU’s Rocky Mountain Showdown blowout will be a signature win

CU’s win against CSU on Friday night, a 44-7 shellacking, means something. Something big for a program that’s had its fair share of heartache lately.