Denver Broncos OTAs

The Broncos should focus on the classroom, film study, conditioning and other things that are less likely to lead to injury during OTAs.

The solution to college football's ongoing realignment problem can be found across the pond, in the relegation system used by European soccer leagues.

Mining six wins from a difficult schedule will be difficult, but it may be necessary in order for Mike MacIntyre to keep the hounds at bay.

The Nuggets ended up with the lucky No. 7 pick in the NBA Draft, but luck has been anything but on their side when it comes to the Draft Lottery.

Despite having nearly 40 percent of their payroll tied up in two players who aren't contributing, the Rockies are set up well this year and beyond.

Could this finally be the year the Nuggets have some luck in the NBA Draft Lottery?

Jorge De La Rosa has to decide if and when he needs to at least start to reinvent himself as a major league pitcher.

In his three years on the job, Weiss has never demonstrated an ability to improve the team’s chances to win. Too often he sways between managing from the seat of his pants and managing by the book.

Nuggets fans who love to play the "What if?" game will be tormented to know that Denver had talks - albeit preliminary ones - about a Steph Curry for Carmelo Anthony trade in 2010.

The Jose Reyes situation presents a golden opportunity for the Colorado Rockies to dispel the notion that the bottom line comes before being "good."