Monday, October 24, 2016


John Elway needs to make a power move and trade for Tony Romo

Trading for Tony Romo would be a high-risk, high-reward move, but if there's anyone with the confidence to do it, it would be John Elway

The three biggest gaffes in a game full of them for the Denver Broncos

Trevor Siemian's failure to launch on the game's final play wasn't even the worst play of the night for the Denver Broncos.
Gary Kubiak

Hot taking Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak’s health, and future, is a foolish look

Everybody loves hot takes, but nobody needs to be hot-taking Gary Kubiak's health. It's not our place. Kubiak's health is his and his alone

Fixing the Broncos’ offense isn’t going to be easy

A lot of what went wrong on Sunday will be an easy fix for the Denver Broncos. Unfortunately, the offensive line seems to be a long-term problem
Paxton Lynch

Colorado football is getting used to game-time decisions at quarterback

Between the Colorado Buffaloes and Denver Broncos, football fans in Colorado are getting used to game-time decisions at quarterback

Paxton Lynch’s day is coming soon

It's only a matter of time before the first-round pick is the Broncos starting quarterback
Paxton Lynch

Broncos superb seven-game stretch shows no need to fret about high-flying Falcons

The Denver Broncos are set to face an elite offense in the Atlanta Falcons, but that means nothing to a defense that has shut down the best of the best

Jeff Bridich opts for change

The Jeff Bridich-Walt Weiss divorce was a long time coming, but the Colorado Rockies general manager made sure to bring about the split in the right way

Making sense of the Trevor Siemian trade rumors

John Elway just might be brazen enough to move Denver's newest cult hero in a midseason trade, if the price and the timing is right.

Another achievement brings out the Tim Tebow haters

Hating Tim Tebow is easy. Given his list of accomplishments, more should people try liking one of the hardest-working guys in the world.