Monday, March 27, 2017


John Elway gets burned in free agency

Judge Elway by his actions as GM, not who he wants on the Supreme...

I judge Elway for two things: his performance as a GM and his performance as a player. Well...and his steak, which which is just delightful..

Nuggets still need someone they can count on when it counts

If your team has a closer, a guy like Larry Bird or James Harden who wants the ball with the game on the line, chances are you’re winning a lot of games.

Candidates to fill the Broncos’ growing leadership void

The Broncos have lost a lot in terms of leadership over the last couple years. A look at the leaders they have lost and who they can look to in 2017.

Broncos are all right, even though they don’t have a starting left tackle

John Elway and the Broncos will have their opportunity to add a starting left tackle, and they certainly have plenty of time.

Nuggets fans need to scoreboard watch the bottom and the top of the West

The Nuggets have about a 0.5 percent chance of beating the Spurs and Warrior come April. Call me crazy: Denver would rather face Golden State.
DeMarcus Ware

The epitome of class, Broncos Country is sure to miss DeMarcus Ware

Want to know why so many people are praising now-retired linebacker DeMarcus Ware? Plain and simple, because he deserves it.

Eaglecrest’s John Olander Jr. cashes out a winner with 5A boys title

I don't know what John Olander, Jr. makes per year - it's none of my business - but I can promise he earned every penny Saturday night.

The Denver Broncos need to be smart, not sexy, in free agency

You might tell your teenage daughter when she is trying get all dolled up: “less is more” or “don’t try so hard.” Same goes for the Broncos.

The Broncos have three things the Texans can’t offer Tony Romo

There are many logical reasons Tony Romo might choose Houston over Denver, but the Broncos still have a way to one-up the Texans.

Buffs basketball could make Boulder party like it’s 2012 all over again

Fire up the hot tub time machine. Colorado basketball is looking for a trip back to 2012.