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Mile High Sports



7a-9a Morning Drive with Goodman and Pritchard
9a-11a The Press Box with Kiz and Burns
11a-12p Whiteley on Sports
12p-2p The Irv and Joe Show
2p-4p The Brandon Spano Show
4p-6p Danny and Cello
6p-7p (M-Th) RenKnowItAll
7p-8p (M-Th) CU on Mile High Sports Radio with Don Brenner
6p-8p (F) Race Central
8p-10p Denver Sports Nation
10p-7a Yahoo! Sports Radio


6a-8a Yahoo! Sports Radio
8a-11p Sports Weekend with Michael Klahr
11a-12p Absolutely Sports
12p-2p Yahoo! Sports Radio
2p-4p Sports Pyramid
4p-6p Yahoo! Sports Radio
6p-8p Race Central Replay
8p-10a Enough Said
10p-8a Yahoo! Sports Radio


7a-9a The Mile High Sports Show
10a-12p The James Gomez Show
12p-2p Shameless MMA
2p-4p Yahoo! Sports Radio
4p-6p From the Pitch
6p-8p Sunday Night Sports Zone
8p-10p The Final Word
10p-8a Yahoo! Sports Radio


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    Actually I think Danny and Cello are the best. Then the Gil, then Spano. The press box is pretty good too, maybe I’d put them second.

  2. avatar

    This is either an inattentive or uncompetitive outfit…it’s surprising that these guys run a radio business with a weak signal, no podcasts, and no droid app. Has the feel of playing out the string. How can a radio operation be run so backward from a technological standpoint. The product/talent is being sabatoged by the technology side. I’m guessing some of the opinionated hosts including the president himself would tear something like this apart on the air or twitter if it was someone else’s mess.

  3. avatar

    Recenty, when I’m headed to work about 6:40am every morning, I’ve been listening to a new host. He’s interesting but could decrease the volume of background music he speaks over. I don’t see him in your lineup above. Who is he? He actually talks about sports figures/events of this century.

    And then there’s the mid-day geriatric shows. Gil spends too much time speaking of the local sports figures he’s friends with from the 80′s and 90′s. That’s ancient history. How about forging some relationships of the modern era? Quarter century looks back are fine for occassional nostalgia but not for everyday fare. Woody Paige is a geezer too but he figures out how to interestingly mix his long Denver sports history with today’s sports world. Probably because he has relationships with current era sports figures in addition to figures of yesteryear.

    The same for Irv and Joe. They’re likeable and can be entertaining. Joe offers good perspective of college football especially, and also the NFL. Irv has way too many moments when talking about today’s sports where he can’t quite remember the player/coach names? “What’s the kids name in OKC? He’s good and have to watch out for him.” Now ask him about an obscure high school star from the 50′s or 60′s–when most of us weren’t even born—-or officiating a college game in the 70′s, and he’ll remember that one like the guy was in a pro sports hall of fame.

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