Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tag: Demaryius Thomas

The Broncos still have plenty of room for improvement

The Denver Broncos looked great on Monday night, but there's still plenty of room for improvement. If they want to win it all, they need to get better

REPORT: The Denver Broncos are becoming “frustrated” with Demaryius Thomas

There's no denying Demaryius Thomas' talent, but BR's Jason Cole reports that the Broncos are becoming increasingly "frustrated" with their No. 1 wideout

Siemian doesn’t need big numbers, he just needs to take care...

There's no reason Trevor Siemian and Gary Kubiak can't dink and dunk their way to another division title.

Denver looked like a team without their head coach

Joe DeCamillis did everything he could to get a win on Thursday night. However, Gary Kubiak's absence was felt in Denver's struggles and lack of discipline.

The three biggest gaffes in a game full of them for...

Trevor Siemian's failure to launch on the game's final play wasn't even the worst play of the night for the Denver Broncos.

Demaryius Thomas and Aqib Talib are the best in football where...

Other guys might rack up impressive stats, but when it comes to making impact plays Thomas and Talib are the best in the business.

Emmanuel Sanders: Demaryius Thomas made the dumbest purchase he’s ever seen

When Demaryius Thomas signed his $70 million contract last offseason, he bought a $50,000 pickup truck, and Emmanuel Sanders couldn't believe it

Broncos receivers are bringing diva back, in a good way

Enough of the boring receiver that stays quiet, Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas want to embrace the role of being a diva wide receiver.

Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas back up their strong comments

Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas made it clear they wanted to see more action in the Broncos' offense, and they delivered on Sunday

Trevor Siemian doing his best to keep wide receivers happy in...

Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas said Trevor Siemian needs to get them the ball. The QB and head coach Gary Kubiak took note.