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Peyton Manning has struggled, but with the Broncos still undefeated headed into their bye week, how does he rank against the rest of the quarterbacks he will face?

Last week the status of Louis Vasquez was dicey. He played on Sunday, but still for an injury to linger like this already is concerning

Here's a sample of some of the crazy stats PFF has been tweeting out about the Broncos as well as two cool vines featuring the Denver defense

Manning has always relied heavily on his tight end not only in Denver, but think back to guys like Dallas Clark and Marcus Pollard when he was Indy

And who's the most tempting piece left in Chicago? Probably running back Matt Forte who will be a free agent after this season

At this point Ball probably wants to get back in the NFL more than anything else, and if he can do it for another AFC contender, then why not?

The Broncos forced key turnovers while PFM once again had some incredibly clutch drives like he did in Kansas City the week before

Each week someone different is making a huge play. Each week it feels like a new star is born. Each week there's a different guys jersey you want to go buy

3-0 is 3-0 and ultimately that's all that matters, but right now the Broncos run game is non-existent and that absolutely could be a problem come January

Everyone thought Baltimore, Kansas City and Detroit would all be contenders coming into 2015. There's no doubt all three have playoff caliber rosters