Heading into the Colorado high school football season, Mile High Sports went straight to the source in search of a preseason “Who’s Who” watch list – i.e. the players you’ll be hearing about for the next three months. Former Niwot standout, Buff and Bronco Matt McChesney – the founder of Six Zero Strength and Fitness – once again provides great high school football insight. Without further ado, here’s the Colorado Top 60, compiled by McChesney and presented by Six Zero Strength and Fitness.

We’re counting down the list from 60 to number one. Here are the 2016 All-Colorado Top 60 numbers 50-41.

*Stats, recruiting and other information compiled from MaxPreps.com and Rivals.com. Send corrections to [email protected].

No. 50: Taden Blaise Chaparral (QB)

Blaise has been preparing for college since he was just a mere seven years old. Spending the past ten years attending over 60 NFA camps has lead several universities to show interest in Blaise and even an offer from the Colorado School of Mines.

No. 49: Anders Carlson Classical Academy (K)

Starting off his senior year with seven different universities interested in him, Carlson has no complaints. Even with all the attention, Carlson gave his verbal commitment to play at Auburn University next fall. He’s a multi-sport athlete also playing basketball and soccer.

No. 48: Elijah Reed Vista PEAK (OL)

While Reed may not have his college decision sorted out just yet, his tackling skills should give him some reassurance. The 6-foot-5 senior is listed at 290 pounds. He has all the tools necessary to play at the next level, according to McChesney.


No. 47: Bryson Torres Pueblo East (RB/FB)

Averaging almost 95 rushing yards a game, making his total just less than 3,000 yards, Torres’ talent and devotion are unquestionable. Torres may not have a set college path yet, but with dedication like his, it should not be long. McChesney calls Torres “the engine that drives the Pueblo East attack.”


No. 46: Michael Lynn Cherry Creek (OL)

At over 6 feet tall it is hard to believe that Lynn is only a sophomore. With his second year of high school barely beginning, Lynn is already creating buzz about his football skills.

No. 45: Elijah Brockman Eaglecest (DL)

Based on his junior year performance, no one will be overlooking Brockman this year. With an average of seven tackles a game, Brockman, now a senior, has a promising future if he keeps this up. McChesney expects a big senior year from the Air Force commit.


No. 44: Nolan Balbin D’Evelyn (LB)

As his senior year rolls in, Balbin does not have a set path for college, his attention remains on his school’s team. McChesnesy praises the leadership ability of this versatile linebacker.


No. 43: Curtis Chiaverini Valor Christian (WR)

Only one game into the season, Chiaverini has an impressive 23-yard reception to his name. And just weeks into his senior year Chiaverini has already caught the eye of 10 different universities, among them are CU, CSU, and the Air Force Academy. McChesney says Chiaverini is a weapon who is going to dominate this year.


No. 42: Drake Nugent Highlands Ranch (OL/DL)

Even though Nugent is still an underclassman, it is no surprise that he is already making a name for himself. Over 6 feet tall and this being his second year on varsity, the sophomore has three years to take high school football by storm. McChesney calls him an “OL/DL monster.”


No. 41: Alex Smith Arapahoe (Athlete)

Despite his underclassmen status last year, Smith held his own on the varsity team. With more than five tackles on average during a game, Smith will only continue to improve and continue to impress others in his last two years of high school. McChesney call him “a two-way beast with eyes on the football.”


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