No matter what media outlet of choice fans use, the 2017 offseason has been overwhelming focused on one specific area: the quarterback position.

And at the very center of that focus is Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo.

One year removed from a Super Bowl victory, the general consensus has been that the Denver Broncos are one effective QB away from returning to a championship-caliber team. The offseason vibes are similar to that of the 2012 offseason when the Broncos was in the running for former Indianapolis Colts’ QB Peyton Manning.

Much like Denver’s current situation, the 2012 Denver Broncos had quarterback Tim Tebow on the roster, but he was viewed as an inferior choice to Manning.

Back in 2012, no one knew what to expect from Manning. Coming off of four neck surgeries, no one was sure if he was going to play again. Besides, Tim Tebow was coming off of a historic playoff victory.

This time around, everyone knows what Romo brings to the table. As long as he can remain healthy, he can provide top-15 quarterback play for the Broncos.

The media frenzy that has followed the Tony Romo saga has been so massive, that starting QB Trevor Siemian was even asked about the possibility of the team signing Romo back in November.

Since the rumor of Romo to the Broncos started in midseason, it has dominated headlines in the Mile High City.

So why the massive attention on Romo? How has an injury-prone QB who lost his starting job to a rookie have the media attention that rivaled that of Manning’s recruitment.

The answer is simple: The Denver Broncos have a rapidly shrinking Super Bowl window and have a need for the game’s most important position: quarterback. The two current quarterbacks on the roster are either too inexperienced to carry Denver through the playoffs or simply not talented enough to do so.

With the urgency of “win now” in the NFL, the concept is that the Broncos would be an instant playoff contender with a healthy Romo under center. Sensing the urgency at upgrade the QB position, fans and media alike have narrowed down this offseason’s primary goal to bringing in Romo.

Whether signing Romo is the right move or the wrong move, it won’t change the fact that whether Romo ends up with the Broncos or another team, the situation will continue to dominate the spotlight for the duration of the offseason. The Cowboys are expected to make a decision on Romo’s future soon.

With the league’s legal tampering period beginning Tuesday, the Romo headlines are only going to get bigger from here on out.