A 3-1 record through the first four games of the season is pretty good. According to members of the Denver Broncos, it’s not good enough.

“You want to be undefeated, but it’s a tough league,” linebacker Von Miller said after Wednesday’s practice. “I feel good. You want to go about 3-1 every quarter. That will put you right at the top of the AFC at the end of the season, right where you want to be.”

A 3-1 record is certainly not a bad place to be. Unfortunately for the Broncos, the only 4-0 team remaining in the NFL also plays in the AFC West. The Broncos can only control what they can control, but they are pleased with where they stand a quarter of the way through the season and as they head into their bye week.

No team can make or miss the playoffs in the first month of the season, but they can make the task a whole lot more difficult for themselves over the course of the next three months. Aside from being undefeated, the Broncos are right where they want to be at 3-1.

“We’re right on track to where we want to be,” Miller said. “We’re playing great run defense. We have all of our goals in front of us.”

The Broncos are one of the eight 3-1 teams in the NFL through Week 4, but they know that they still have plenty of work to do. While 3-1 may be good, it’s not where they know they can be.

“I think we should feel good about that but have understanding that it’s not good enough,” head coach Vance Joseph said on Wednesday. “We have to continue to work and we have some issues that we need to clean up.”

“Pretty good,” quarterback Trevor Siemian said about he he feels at the quarter pole. “I think that we know we can get better too, which is nice. We won three games and we know there’s room for improvement, so that’s a good spot to be in.”

Slowing down the receiving touchdowns on defense and being more efficient in the red zone on offense are two things that the Broncos know they can be better at moving forward. The “No Fly Zone” has given up eight passing touchdowns in the first four weeks of the 2017 season after giving up just 13 in 2016.

Despite those two things, the Broncos are in a favorable position as the head into their bye week. It’s tough to win in the NFL, so they’re happy with where they’re at so far.

“They should feel good about that,” Joseph said. “It’s a hard league and to win three out of four in the first quarter is good for this team.”