Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, the NFL is trudging forward toward their 2020 season.

That’s left fans with more questions than answers: Will fans be able to attend? What if they are a season-ticket holder? Will there be any games at all?

On Wednesday, the Denver Broncos sent out a memo to fans outlining the team’s plans for the 2020 season and games in-person. Here are the highlights:

Reduced Capacity 

There will be a reduced capacity at Mile High Stadium this year, meaning the Broncos technically won’t continue their streak of selling out every home game since 1970. (The league may choose to look the other way considering the pandemic.)

The Broncos will allow only a certain number of fans into the stadium this year, although that exact number wasn’t specified today. In Jacksonville, the Jaguars will be allowed to have a 25 percent capacity. That would mean about 19,000 fans in the Mile High City.

Season ticket holders can choose to attend or not 

Season ticket holders are an important lifeblood of the Broncos, and the team is trying to take care of everyone.

Those with season tickets will be able to attend, or if they choose not to, have other options as well. Those include getting a full refund for 2020 or having their payments this year go towards 2021 season tickets.

If they decline this year’s season tickets, holders will not be penalized moving forward. Also, they will be able to purchase single-game tickets (if allowed by local health officials).

Season ticket holders will also be given first priority for those single-game tickets.

Those who want to keep their 2020 season tickets as is, don’t need to do anything. Those who choose to give them up for this year need to do so by Aug. 14 and contact the club.

Masks will be required 

Not only will masks be required, but social distancing will be as well. That means no standing too close in beer lines etc.

The Broncos announced they’ve made many safety/cleanliness upgrades to the stadium as well.

“Among many enhanced safety precautions at Empower Field at Mile High to reduce the risk of COVID-19, there will be mandatory social distancing and face covering requirements for all fans,” it reads. “We have also taken other proactive measures to increase the cleanliness of our stadium, adding cashless concession options, touchless bathroom fixtures, sanitation stations and the latest air purification technology.”