The 5 toughest matchups on the Denver Broncos’ 2017 schedule


On Thursday, the NFL announced the schedule for each of their 32 teams. As such, Broncos Country can finally plan the details of their weekends (as well as two on Mondays and one on a Thursday).

For the Denver Broncos, it’s a day filled with mixed emotions. They have the toughest schedule in the league, facing eight playoff teams from last season (a total of 10 times).

Now, the Broncos are almost always a competitive team. Hopefully, they will at least have a chance to win every game. Here are the five contests in which this that chance will be the slimmest.

5. Sunday, Nov. 26 AT Oakland Raiders, 2:25 p.m. MT

Now, Oakland has always been a tough place to play for the Broncos, That, and the Raiders should be pretty darn good in the coming season. Why are the Raiders only fifth on this list?

As everybody knows, the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas; scheduled for the 2019 season, but still. Are people going to be as passionate about a team they know is going to leave? Personally, I don’t think so. The Black Hole simply won’t be quite as scary as it has been in past years.

4. Sunday, Sept. 17 vs. Dallas Cowboys, 2:25 p.m. MT

This isn’t about location. This is all opponent. The Cowboys should be good in 2017. They have a great offensive line, which could expose the Broncos’ run defense and probably has the best chance of neutralizing their pass rush of anyone.

Again, this isn’t a guaranteed loss by any means. The Broncos always have a chance in the Mile High City. That being said, Dallas very well could contend for a Super Bowl. This will be a huge test of the Broncos’ mettle. Not only that, they will be coming off a Monday game, meaning that they will have one less day to prepare.

3. Sunday, Nov. 5 AT Philadelphia Eagles, 11:00 a.m. MT

Now, this one is all about the schedule. Sure, Carson Wentz and the Eagles could take the next step and become a legitimate contender; but this will be a tough game regardless.

This will mark the Broncos’ third consecutive game on the road. That’s a lot of miles. They will be coming off of emotional game in Kansas City. Will they have enough in the tank for the Eagles?

2. Sunday, Nov. 12 vs. New England Patriots, 6:30 p.m. MT

Wow. This stretch is tough. Three straight games on the road. Then you finally come home and you have to face the Patriots.

The Patriots should be better than they were last season. That’s saying something, because they are coming off a Super Bowl title. Sure, despite their loss last season (in which the defense was stellar and the offense was nonexistent), the Broncos are usually pretty good against the Pats in Denver, but this game is scary.

1. Monday, Oct. 30 AT Kansas City Chiefs, 6:30 p.m MT

The Chiefs aren’t the best football team that the Broncos will play next season, but they are a very good team, a playoff team. That, and they are a divisional team who always plays the Broncos tough.

The biggest thing the Chiefs have going for them in this matchup is the environment. Arrowhead Stadium is without question the most hostile place the Broncos will play next season. It is also on Monday night, meaning fans are going to be extra amped up. The day before Halloween, this is a very frightening contest for the Broncos.

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