Holding the 15th pick and five picks in the top 100, the Broncos are sitting pretty in regards to the 2020 draft. However, so are their rivals.

The Chargers hold the sixth overall selection and they might not even have to trade up for their ideal quarterback of the future. The Raiders hold two picks in the top 20 and are coming off one of their best drafts of the past two decades. Meanwhile, the Chiefs have the 32nd overall pick, but that happens to line up well with where their needs are valued.

Here’s the nightmare scenario for the Broncos in terms of what could unfold with each of those first-round selections.

Los Angeles Chargers

Tu’a Tagovailoa: The injuries with Tagovailoa are a massive concern, one that would only be exacerbated by the Chargers’ poor history with injury-prone players, but the upside is scary.

If he hits and stays healthy, he has the talent and intangibles to be the league’s next Drew Brees. Tagovailoa’s accuracy, ability to layer the football and throw with touch are incredible considering his youth.

The Bolts drafting him would be a nightmare scenario for the Broncos, because even with Drew Lock showing tons of promise down the stretch, Denver could quickly find themselves with the third-best young quarterback in their own division.

Isaiah Simmons: As of now, the scariest thing about the Chargers’ defense is their ability to create and disguise creative pressures by using Derwin James, Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram. The last thing the Broncos wants is for the Chargers to exponentially build on that ability by adding a defender as versatile and athletic as Simmons.

The NFL has never really seen anything like him, but James is about as close a comparison as you can come up with. Giving the Chargers two weapons like that, freak athletes who are a danger to blitz or drop back in coverage at any moment, would give them one of the league’s elite defensive units.

Las Vegas Raiders

Henry Ruggs IIIUnfortunately, Denver’s infatuation with the lightning-quick Ruggs isn’t a secret, making it likely the Alabama receiver is poached before their pick. Las Vegas is one likely landing spot considering their need at the position.

Missing out on a player with Ruggs’ talent would be made that much more painful by having him go to the Raiders instead.

Having him get drafted into the division would also mean that the Broncos would spend almost a quarter of their schedule with either Ruggs or Tyreek Hill on the opposing sideline. That’s guaranteed to give any secondary headaches.

C.J. Henderson: The Raiders have struggled to build even an average secondary for close to a decade now, but adding Henderson out of Florida would do a lot to remedy that.

In most draft classes, Henderson would be the best perimeter defender in the class, but Jeff Okudah’s presence has pushed him to the number two spot. Henderson is a top-10 athlete in the class, as he demonstrated at the combine and he’s also stickier than glue in coverage.

Kansas City Chiefs

D’Andre Swift: The Chiefs’ offense has just about everything; arguably the most electric quarterback in league history, two receivers with game-breaking speed, a matchup nightmare at tight end and a stalwart offensive line.

The only position group on offense that doesn’t annoy opposing defensive coordinators is their crop of running backs.

Enter D’Andre Swift, who looks to be a slightly quicker version of Alvin Kamara. Swift is nimble and agile enough to make opponents miss, but he can break some tackles too. He’s also well-versed as a pass-catcher out of the backfield.

Adding that to the mix would make the two games with the Chiefs every year that much more terrifying.

Jaylon Johnson: One of the Chiefs’ other few weaknesses is at cornerback, as their room currently consists of Charvarius Ward, Alex Brown, and Rashad Fenton. Yikes.

And you thought the Broncos needed another cornerback.

Johnson would instantly upgrade Kansas City’s secondary and could end up being one of the best corners to come out of this class. He’s already adept at both man and zone coverage and he’s got the build you’re looking for in a cornerback.