The Denver Broncos have some serious work ahead of them if they are going to reach the NFL postseason.

After winning six of their first eight games, this team has stumbled down the stretch, losing four of their past six.

The Broncos are now 8-6, and need to beat the 10-4 Kansas City Chiefs on the road, the 11-3 Oakland Raiders at home, and then need some help.

It is going to take a minor miracle if Denver is going to avoid being the 16th team to win a Super Bowl and then miss the playoffs completely the following season.

Fortunately, this is the season for miracles.

So, let’s make a few wishes to help out our team in a season in which hope is beginning to melt away.

Here is our holiday wish list for the Denver Broncos:

For Von Miller: A little help from his defensive brethren up front. Currently, Von has 13.5 sacks. The rest of the team combined has 27.5. Compare that to a year ago, when Von finished with 11 sacks and his teammates combined for 41. Without those additional threats up front, teams are able to double- and triple-team Miller on nearly every play.

For Trevor Siemian: A clean pocket from which to throw. Is Siemian the quarterback of the future? Who knows? But it is hard to tell when he has been sacked 31 times, has been hit at least three times that amount and has no running game to fall back on. When given time, Siemian has shown some flashes that he could be a very nice fit for this team. Let’s not forget that Siemian is basically a rookie. Say what you will, he has shown calm all season in the face of a complete mess in front of him.

For Peyton Manning: A little recognition for the job he did last season. Last year, the defense was statistically better, and the offense was statistically worse. But Manning was a leader in the locker room, and helped keep the team stay focused on the ultimate goal. He couldn’t do what he used to physically, but isn’t it fitting that he won his final Super Bowl with his mind?

For Paxton Lynch: A little patience and some very intense study habits. There is no questioning the raw skills of the rookie out of Memphis. He has an arm that invokes memories of John Elway, yet his mechanics and feel in the pocket look highly unpolished. Does Lynch desire to be great? How hard will he work in the offseason? If he is a disciplined study, he simply needs to be patient and his time will eventually come.

For Aqib Talib: A beer. Is there any other player that is doing more kicking and screaming about the late direction of this season than Talib? First, he took up for his teammate Chris Harris Jr. in the Tennessee game, who was on the business end of a cheap shot. And while folks were split on Talib’s decision to go after wide receiver Harry Douglas, no one can argue one very simple fact: It didn’t happen again. This past week, Talib challenged his underachieving offensive line. Love him or hate him, Talib does not accept losing. And Broncos fans everywhere have to appreciate that.

For Demaryius Thomas: A restructured contract. What’s the first response when Thomas drops a pass or fails to come up with a clutch catch? “He’s getting paid all of that money, and he can’t make that play?” Two years ago, Thomas was designated the Broncos’ franchise player and was given a five-year $70-million dollar deal. It has been an albatross around his neck ever since. DT still has 188 catches and 11 touchdowns over the past two seasons, but with his size and speed, we expect so much more. So, redo the deal and make everyone more comfortable.

For John Elway: A better lucky charm and a new contract. We think of Elway as the guy giving out the contracts, and rightfully so. But “The Duke” has just one year left on his own front office contract. Let’s be sure to get that extended. And yes, the free agent offensive linemen he signed this season haven’t exactly worked out. We also know that so many of those player acquisitions can come down to a bit of luck. Elway has still hit a lot more than he has missed.

For T.J. Ward: Some slack for his hit on Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman. Late in the fourth quarter against the New England Patriots, the Denver defense was trying to get the football back. On fourth and three, Tom Brady threw a quick pass to Julian Edelman, who was hit immediately by T.J. Ward. The ball fell incomplete, and the Broncos would take the ball over on downs. But Ward slammed Edelman to the ground, and was called for unnecessary roughness, giving the Pats a first down. The play was deemed by many to be dirty and undisciplined. But Ward has no idea if Edelman held onto the football, and was doing his best to separate the ball from the receiver. That is, after all, what he is paid to do.

For Derek Wolfe: A healthy neck. It sounds as though Wolfe will give it a go this week at Kansas City, and based on what we have seen in his career, he will give it everything he has. But let’s not forget that these guys have lives after football. Neck injuries are a scary prospect for anyone. Let’s hope Wolfe isn’t taking a huge risk.

For Jordan Norwood: A hypnotist or confidence coach. Yes, Norwood is the target for some serious venom in Broncos country right now. He has lost three fumbles in the past three weeks. But let’s not forget, it was in last year’s Super Bowl that Norwood made the play that turned the game for the Broncos. The Broncos were holding on to a precarious three-point lead in the second quarter when Norwood made a heady punt return for 61 yards. The Broncos kicked a field and extended their lead. Norwood is capable of doing the job. But he has clearly lost his confidence.

For Brandon Marshall, Todd Davis, and Corey Nelson: A few more tackles. There is no question that the Broncos miss the interior push that Malik Jackson provided. They also miss the tackling machine that was Danny Trevathan. The Broncos defense has been gouged repeatedly by the run game, and it is no coincidence that their leading tackler is T.J. Ward, not one of these three.

For the offensive line: Some sort of appearance in these final games. We aren’t asking for them to be Zimmerman, Nalen, and Schlereth, but can they show some sort of definitive proof that they do indeed exist?

For Broncos fans everywhere: A very safe and happy holidays. And of course, for the Broncos to fix their issues and reach the postseason, where anything can happen!