With a young quarterback and a team focused on running the ball, the success of the Denver Broncos offense will revolve around the success of the offensive line. Through two weeks of the NFL season, the Broncos offensive line has proved that it is up for the task.

“I think we have a pretty good offensive line this year,” Michael Schofield said following the Broncos’ 34-20 victory over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. “We all fit this scheme very well. We have some very athletic guys, and I think that a lot of us being in the second year really helps us out and gets us on the same page.”

For a second straight game the Broncos’ offensive line looked undeniably better than the group that won the Super Bowl last year. In Sunday’s victory the offense accounted for 400 yards of total offense — 266 through the air and 134 on the ground — while only giving up one sack.

Although the offense was slowed down in the second half — only scoring six points — it had no problem moving the ball at will against the Colts in the first half — accumulating 294 total yards.

What has been one of the biggest weaknesses on the Broncos for many years — depth at offensive line — was tested in the second quarter when starting right tackle Donald Stephenson went down with a calf injury. The Broncos filled the void by sliding right guard Schofield out to right tackle and putting Darrion Weems in at right guard.

“We have depth. We have players that can step in,” Matt Paradis said after the game. “Weems stepped in, Mike [Schofield] kicked out to tackle, everyone was ready. Everyone was ready to do what we had to do to succeed.”

After two disappointing seasons at tackle, the Broncos moved Schofield to guard this offseason; however, his experience at tackle proved to be key in the success of the offense on Sunday.

“Camp really prepared me for (moving to tackle),” Schofield said. “All of camp I was playing all over the place. It just took me back to camp, just move to the next spot now.”

Schofield added that he feels much more confident in his abilities on the football field this year, regardless of where the Broncos need him to play saying, “wherever they need me, I’ll play.”

Training camp was key for not only Schofield’s ability to play all over the field, but also Weems transition to guard.

“As far as going in and playing, I played the whole preseason at guard and felt fairly comfortable,” Weems said.

The Broncos offense ended the game rushing for 4.3 yards per carry with four different ball carriers, showing the consistency of the offensive lines performance. Schofield said that the first two games of the season are not an anomaly. In fact, the line will continue to get better as the season continues.

“Me, Max [Garcia] and Matt [Paradis] being back for a second year in the offense we all get on the same page,” Schofield said. “We saw it all last year, so we know what to do in those odd situations.”

While the offense hasn’t been perfect through the first two games, it is extremely encouraging that the offensive line has not only become better, but has proven that it is a strength of this team. Regardless on how the young Trevor Siemian plays moving forward, if the offensive line continues to play this well the offense will be much better than last season.