The Denver Nuggets currently rank dead last in the NBA for home attendance and it has been that way for a majority of the season.

Yes, your Denver Nuggets rank behind the Minnesota Timberwolves, Brooklyn Nets, and Philadelphia 76ers in home attendance.

The Pepsi Center has been over run by opposing teams fans and most Nuggets fans that show up to games are to busy with their heads in their apps to pay attention to the game.

So, their is a solution and big one at that.

The solution is The Denver Sidekicks.

The Denver Sidekicks are the first organized fan section for the Denver Nuggets.  The sidekicks mission is too bring the fans back to the Pepsi Center, and give the Nuggets the home court advantage they deserve.

The Sidekicks will bring energy and life back to Pepsi Center as well as make our players feel at home.

The next Sidekicks outing will take place on the 21st of February against the Boston Celtics,

The outing consists of chants and cheers, and a damn good time for fans of the Nuggets.

Everyone is invited to become a sidekick and represent their team the right way

Tickets will sell out, so get your while you can!

To purchase tickets click here

Feel free to follow the Sidekicks @denversidekicks on twitter for the latest news and updates!