It has become extremely apparent that the Denver Broncos have their eyes set on Aaron Rodgers, and Senior Bowl reports suggest the love might be mutual. Despite all that, Green Bay’s star running back, Aaron Jones, still strongly believes that Rodgers’ future lies in Lambeau.

“I’ve heard what everybody else has heard, what they’re reading,” Jones said Tuesday on NFL Network. “But I think he’ll be there, in my heart. Green Bay, I can’t imagine him anywhere else, that’s where he’s been his whole career. I just can’t picture him anywhere else. I think we had a lot of fun this year, I hope to have him back and I believe in my heart he’ll be back.”

If Rodgers were to decide to stay in Green Bay, it would be a massive blow to the Broncos’ hopes for a quick turnaround under a new coach-quarterback combo. While other veteran options exist in Russell Wilson and Kirk Cousins, Rodgers staying would further dry up an already dry quarterback market, and make the bidding wars for Wilson and Cousins even more intense.

As to why Rodgers might decide to return to the Packers despite appearing so dissatisfied with the franchise at times, Jones points to the positive locker room environment Green Bay started to cultivate down the stretch.

“We had a lot of veterans in there. Just the way we were able to bring along some of those younger guys and over the course of it have fun and be ourselves and come closer, all in that time, it was just fun to be around,” Jones said. “I think it brought joy back to football.”