Ever since draft day when the Broncos passed up Justin Fields and rumors emerged about future Hall-of-Famer Aaron Rodgers wanting out of Green Bay, Broncos Country has been ablaze with whispers of the legendary quarterback’s future.

Monday morning, NFL Network’s James Palmer threw some gasoline on that blaze when he reported that Rodgers really could end up in Denver and that this wasn’t just performative.

“I have talked to people inside the [Broncos’] building that have told me it is a real possibility that Aaron Rodgers could end up with the Denver Broncos,” Palmer reported, though he was quick to make sure the hypetrain wouldn’t spiral out of control by adding a qualifier. ‘Those same people have told me that, ‘Remember, deals of this size with players of this nature — MVPs — are difficult to get done and you don’t know if they’re going to get done until you get to the finish line’ and at the same time, you need the Packers to make [Rodgers] available.”

After his quick qualifier though, Palmer returned to speculating on Rodgers’ future. Palmer mentioned how the Broncos are real contenders for the superstar’s services because of Paton’s reported aggressiveness in regard to addressing the quarterback position.

Some may wish that aggressiveness was present during the first round of this year’s NFL Draft, but if Denver lands Rodgers, all will be forgiven.

At the very least, Denver’s interest in Rodgers couldn’t be more apparent.

“When [the Broncos] heard the news about Aaron Rodgers and his uncomfortable situation with the Green Bay Packers, they started kinda thinking about what a package would be if they were gonna try to put something together for Aaron Rodgers,” Palmer added, though he also mentioned the Packers wouldn’t even listen to Denver’s offers on draft day.

One final reason for optimism about soon purchasing an orange and blue No. 12 jersey is the Broncos’ fantastic cap situation.

“Very few teams have the cap ability to land Aaron Rodgers,” Palmer said. “The Broncos do [have the ability]. They have the second-most cap space in the NFL. And then a lot of teams would have to unload an expensive quarterback to make room for Aaron Rodgers. The Broncos don’t have that.”