After Aaron Rodgers made a series of reflective and introspective posts on Instagram Monday night, speculation about the superstar quarterback’s future began to ran rampant.

Today, on the Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers announced that no decision on his future would be made now, and that we might still have to wait a while to know what exactly the quarterback is planning to do moving forward.

“You know, let me just put this disclaimer out right away for the few people watching that are tuning in just for a specific, maybe news or decision,” Rodgers said to open his appearance on McAfee’s show. “There will be no news today, no decision on my future”

Rodgers attributed some of the lack of news to the fact that he’s just finishing up a body cleanse he did for the offseason, known as panchakarma.

“It’s been something I’ve done the offseasons, so I’m just getting my head above the sand now and seeing what’s going on out there, but no decision about my future today.”

Given Rodgers’ recent tendency to bask in the limelight, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise, though it is fairly surprising considering he previously said that he would make sure to not draw this process out any longer than necessary.

It does appear deciding on his future remains to be a top priority for Rodgers though.

“The offseason — I feel like — kind of begins when your season ends on paper, but it really starts to begin once a Super Bowl is over.” Rodgers said. “That’s when the offseason starts to take place I think, after the Super Bowl and you start to think about the next season and for me, my future. And so there’s been you know, some definitely contemplative days.”

Rodgers then used the moment to lobby for his friend and fellow superstar, Davante Adams, to receive the franchise tag from Green Bay.

“I understand also today, I believe might be the first day to tag players and, you know, in Green Bay, there’s this one specific guy who’s like the best guy in the entire league at what he does,” Rodgers said, in a coy tone. “Wears like I think No. 17? You might have heard of him. So there’s, you know, there’s obviously the opportunity to tag him at some point which, you know, I think both parties probably want that done. They probably get a long-term extension done.”

Lobbying for Adams to return to Green Bay could be viewed as a bad omen for Denver, but with Rodgers seeming to be so unpredictable, it’s hard to put too much stock in that.