Some people have connected running back Joe Mixon and the Denver Broncos in the upcoming draft, especially after the team brought him in for a visit. Earlier this week, Broncos general manager John Elway addressed Mixon, saying the team brought him in and a good meeting, but refusing to divulge whether or not he was on the team’s draft board.

As it turns out, Elway was telling Mixon’s agent the same thing.

“I was not in the meeting per se,” Peter Schaffer told Gil Whiteley and Arran Andersen on Mile High Sports Radio. “I was there [in the building] and John told me the exact same thing ‘I’m not telling you who I’m drafting,’ and ‘I’ll tell you it was a good meeting.’”

Schaffer has had multiple conversations with Elway about Mixon, but is unsure if Denver is where he will land. That being said, he does expect someone to take the former Sooner.

“I think that he’ll probably go somewhere around 25-40,” Shaffer said, later adding “I think that whatever team is fortunate enough to draft him is going to get a great player and an even person in the community.”

Schaffer understands why a team may be hesitant, saying “character matters.” He also feels as if Mixon is a good person and has grown since the incident that saw him strike a woman in the face. From a pure football standpoint, Schaffer feels that Mixon could make teams regret not taking him.

“I told people ‘if you don’t want to draft him, you better draft one or two people that are going to tackle him.'”

If the Broncos do end up taking Mixon, he would join a running back group that also includes another one of Schaffer’s client in C.J. Anderson, who he also feels is motivated to do big things.

“He’s been training for this year since last year, so he’s ready to go, he’s excited, he’s always had a chip on his shoulder,” Schaffer said of Anderson. “When you come in undrafted and you go to junior college and all of that stuff, you’ve got a chip on your shoulder. He’s never forgotten it, nor will he ever forget that he went undrafted and that’s the way he should play.”

Listen to the full interview with Peter Schaffer, including what other clients he has in the draft and what his draft day plans are, in the podcast below.

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