The Denver Broncos officially made seventh-round draft pick Riley Dixon their punter when they released eighth-year player Britton Colquitt on Tuesday. But even before the rookie out of Syracuse took over the punting duties in Denver he was already a legend on Madden Mobile.

In a video released Aug. 17, YouTube’s “Madden Mobile SLAY” shared a hidden secret about the Broncos punter: Dixon has not one but two 100 ratings, and neither is for his kicking ability.

“He has 100 overall agility, and 100 overall acceleration,” MM SLAY says, almost in disbelief. “Let me put this into perspective for you: 100 stat is potentially rare for a Golden Ticket.”

Rarely does a skill position player earn a 100, let alone two, according to MM Slay. He recalls a receiver – Jarvis Landry, perhaps – who had a 100 catch rating, which he considered “amazing.”

“But this is a silver punter. 100 agility, 100 acceleration,” he says. “What is this dude? [With that speed] he could have literally been in Rio, in the Olympics, goin’ ham.”

While it may be slight overstatement, the idea that Dixon has some unique speed skills (especially for a punter) is not a totally crazy idea. Check out this highlight reel, compiled of all his fake punts and field goals while at Syracuse.

Clearly, Dixon has an athletic skill set beyond kicking that might have made him more desirable to the Denver Broncos than his far more expensive competition, Colquitt. Perhaps the developers of Madden Mobile 17 had their hands on this highlight reel when rating Dixon so highly.

Through his first three preseason games the Broncos have not employed any trick or specialty plays designed for Dixon and his nimble feet, but stay tuned. In the meantime, you most definitely want to pick him up for your Madden Mobile 17 squad ASAP.