The Denver Broncos do not operate not like a family; they truly are a family.

This fact was made crystal clear by the overwhelming amount of support that Annabel “Mrs. B” Bowlen received when the news emerged that she was fighting Alzheimer’s just like her husband, Broncos owner Pat Bowlen.

As the news emerged of Mrs. B’s diagnosis, the support that was sent her way was incredible. From John Elway, to the Broncos cheerleaders, to past greats, to current players, to scouts, and so many more; the support that rained down over social media was immense.

The strength that Mrs. B exudes is inspirational. She is using this diagnosis as a catalyst for potential change when it comes to discovering a cure for the disease that steals memories and tears apart families. Her strength throughout this incredibly tough time is without a doubt a sight to behold.

For now, the love and support of Broncos Country will hopefully provide a boost to moral.

The children of Pat and Annabel Bowlen put out this statement.

Then, Von Miller took to Instagram to send his prayers to Mrs. B and to speak on her courage.

Broncos legend DeMarcus Ware took to twitter to send his prayers saying that, “this is a diagnosis, not a life sentence.”

The Broncos general manager and icon John Elway also took time to speak on how proud of Mrs. B he is and sending his thoughts to the Bowlen family.

Denver’s center, Matt Paradis, also wanted to make sure that Mrs. B knows that the team has her back.

Ed McCaffrey, the Broncos’ former star receiver, called Mrs. B, “the heart and soul of the Denver Broncos,” as he spoke on the strength of the Bowlen family.

Even the Broncos cheerleaders ned their love and strength to Mrs. B.

Mrs. B’s battle has already begun, but it is safe to say that all of Broncos Country is right behind her ready to support and give strength in every way they can.