Earlier this week, Mile High Sports’ Zac Stevens wrote about how the Denver Broncos offense was “knocking on the door” of greatness, and the team agrees.

While some of the wideouts may be looking for more targets, they understand that, as a whole, the unit is moving the ball much better than they did in 2015, and if it weren’t for a handful of drive-ending mistakes, the tone around the Denver offense would be a lot different. In fact, even Aqib Talib and the defense are seeing the improvement.

“Honestly, from the sideline, in my opinion our offense looks 10 times better this year,” Talib said on Altitude 950 AM, via Pro Football Talk. “Them guys are playing good football in my eyes. They’re turning the ball over a little in the red zone, clean that up man and they’ll be 10 times better, man. They can only go up but I see a bunch of improvement on the offensive side of the ball.”

They’re not there yet, but they’re close.

Behind an improved offensive line and a resurgent C.J. Anderson, Trevor Siemian hasn’t been asked to do too much through two games. Keep the ball safe and manage the game, simple as that.

If the Broncos can just stop turning the ball over inside their opponent’s 30-yard line, which they’ve done four times, Denver’s offense could go from anemic to productive real fast — those four drives could have amounted to as much as 28 points.

In their first road game of the season, against a staunch defense in the Cincinnati Bengals, the Broncos will need to put everything together on the offensive side of the ball to secure an undefeated record through three games.