Aqib Talib says Brock Osweiler owes the Broncos defense for his big-time payday

Aqib Talib

“So that was the last day I ever trusted birds,” Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib said on ESPN Monday.

Though Talib is known for his ferocity on the field, it turns out that he has no problem admitting his fear of birds and most animals that reside in the ocean. Apparently he endured an attack from a group of ruffian seagulls on a beach and never forgave them.

“I’m not good with animals man,” Talib said.

On Monday, Talib appeared on a variety of shows on ESPN and gave his opinion on a wide range of topics. During his interview on The Dan LeBatard Show he offered his unfiltered thoughts on quarterback Brock Osweiler’s departure.

“I first was like, Brock man, you leaving? The Broncos tried to get you fifteen-and-a-half, you left for seventeen-and-a-half,” Talib said. “Alright man just make sure we all get red bottoms. Just make sure everybody on the D get red bottoms and bow ties man, we waiting for our gift Brock, I wear a size 45.”

When Lebatard suggested that the Broncos defense earned Osweiler’s big payday from the Texans, Talib didn’t disagree.

“He (Osweiler) came in and played great but you know that’s a great pay day man,” Talib said. “If I got a great pay day like that and I had a great defense leading the way, I’d send them boys red bottoms.”

Talib also wasn’t shy when it came to the possibility of Johnny Manziel joining the Broncos’ roster. During an interview with ESPN’s Hannah Storm he offered his view on the matter.

“From what I’ve seen from Johnny, he’s a pretty good quarterback,” Talib said. “I wouldn’t mind playing with him; Von wouldn’t mind playing with him. That’s not our job, though; we let John Elway handle our roster.”

He did display a little discomfort when, during an interview on ESPN First Take, he was asked to choose between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

“That’s a tough one man. Their preparation, how they approach the game, I’ve seen both of them. It’s kind of hard to pick,” Talib said. “If I had to pick, I’m gonna pick the guy I won the Super Bowl with. I never won the Super Bowl with Tom.”