The Rockies organization made a splash at the Winter Meetings this week by signing former Washington National and Texas Ranger Ian Desmond to a five-year, $70 million contract. The plan with Desmond is to fill the hole at first base, for now.

The signing did raise some eyebrows, though, as Desmond has never been a regular at first base. He made the move from shortstop to center field last season when he joined the Rangers, becoming an All-Star for the second time. For now he is the Rockies new first baseman and he is certainty talented enough to make that move.

“They have a first base hole, so therefore, Ian Desmond is the first baseman,” Thomas Harding of told Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of Afternoon Drive on Mile High Sports AM 1340 | FM 104.7. “Athletically, he can do it defensively. Offensively, you look at some of the production he has had. The last two years he has had good half-years and bad half-years. But you look at that production and you think, ‘Imagine if he went back to center field or even played multiple positions.’ You wonder if that will work out.”

Jeff Bridich, GM of the Rockies, may have some more moves to make if he is looking to fill that first base hole and keep Desmond in the lineup. If that move can be made, Desmond could end up back in center field like he was with the Rangers.

“I think that the Rockies will try and see if they can try and make a move, quite possibly involving Charlie Blackmon,” Harding said. “If they are able to move Blackmon and get back multiple parts. Throughout the industry I am hearing they are asking for a whole lot for Blackmon. There is a rumor circulating, a guy like a Marcus Stroman for Blackmon straight up. Or what I believe, multiple parts, maybe they get a first baseman or get some relief pitching to help late in games. That seems to be what they’re asking for him. If they are able to score big like that then maybe Ian Desmond ends up in center field.”

There seems to be a different end game with the signing of Desmond. If he is going to play first base for the Rockies, his athleticism will allow him to do that. Desmond could possibly be better suited in a position he is comfortable with.

“If it is Desmond, they’ll go with it,” Harding said. “It just seems like his skill set says he’s a guy who could be more valuable at various spots. They need more run production, then Ian Desmond at your first base spot.”

Listen to the entire interview with Thomas Harding, including his thoughts on Gerardo Parra’s future with the Rockies, in the podcast below…

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