Broncos Country had the opportunity to watch two members of their favorite team compete against some of the NFL’s best last Sunday.

Unfortunately, that competition didn’t really come in the form of a real game. While the league’s best players may have been playing in the Pro Bowl, the best teams in the league will take this field this Sunday for Super Bowl LII.

Nevertheless, Sunday’s Pro Bowl provided Broncos fans with a little bit of excitement following a season that didn’t bring much. Both Von Miller and Aqib Talib represented the Broncos, and just like when Miller played football this late in the season two years ago, he punctuated the game with a strip sack.

While the Pro Bowl is essentially meaningless to everyone who isn’t playing in it, the game was a nice reminder as to what the Broncos have in Miller.

Though the last two seasons have been filled with mostly disappointments, Miller is something that Broncos fans can, and should, be proud of.

Miller has consistently played at a high level, even when the team around him hasn’t. 2017 was a prime example. He finished the season with 10 sacks, 58 tackles and two forced fumbles.

His 10 sacks marked the fourth consecutive season in which he recorded double-digit sacks and the sixth of the seven seasons he’s been in the NFL. The only season in which he didn’t record double-digit sacks was in 2013 when he missed the first four games of the season because of a suspension and the last game of the season and the playoffs because of a torn ACL.

Miller’s strip sack on Sunday earned him the Pro Bowl’s Defensive MVP, but it reminded Broncos Country of a more important strip sack that earned him Super Bowl 50 MVP.

Albeit a mild one, Von Miller left Broncos Country with a decent memory to close out the season. While the Broncos’ future is a murky one, Broncos Country at least has Von Miller to be thankful for.

Hopefully Miller’s next January strip sack comes in the AFC Championship game and not the Pro Bowl.