We’ve spent so much time worrying whether sports are coming back, we haven’t spent enough time concentrating on what to gamble on if they do come back. Table tennis was the most bet on sport once Coloradoans were given the go ahead to gamble and while it was one of the only things you could bet on, that’s sad as hell. But that’s about to change.

Since baseball will be the first sport to get underway (hopefully), let’s dive into that one. Betting MLB is pretty straight forward: You can bet the moneyline (who’s winning straight up), the run line (like a spread in football) and an over/under for runs scored.

For example, the Yankees/Nationals game which kicks off this abbreviated MLB season on July 23rd, has the Yankees favored at -132 and the underdog Nationals at +144. The run line is 1.5 with the Nationals being favored to cover that. The over/under is 7.5 with a slight edge to the over.

In contrast, the Dodgers (-265) are favored at home over the Giants (+215). Always good value to be had betting the underdogs but I’m pretty sure the Dodgers will handle this one. Those kinds of odds for the favorite aren’t paying for the addition on the house however.

So you’re going to want to find a good underdog and your Colorado Rockies fit the bill as a road dog at +123 with the home team Rangers getting -139. We don’t have an over/under for this game yet but it looks like they are all settling around 7.5. If the Rockies get that treatment, I say hit that over.

It could get messy for the first few games, and in that first one, Lance Lynn gets the ball against the Rockies. Taking just a cursory glance at the stats, Lynn started out last season pretty rough but got his ERA down to the mid 3’s near the end of the season. Still, he’s a few years removed from being good so expect the young and hungry bats of the Rockies to eat him up. A $10 bet on the moneyline has a payout of $22.30 and is not a bad day at the office. Unless of course you work in a professional gambler’s office.

But effective gambling needs data. And we need a few games under our belts before we can start accurately picking Rockies games. So I’ve busied myself with a few futures bets in the meantime:

Yankees and Dodgers to both win on opening day at +160.

Any player to record a no-hitter in the 2020 season at +350.

Nolan Arenado to lead NL in home runs at +500.

Your Colorado Rockies to win the World Series at a whopping +15000. I put $2 on this and it pays out $302. Let’s go Rockies.

There are plenty of individual player bets to make your fortune on, so take a gander at all of them before this bizarre season kicks off next week.