The defensive linemen that John Elway has signed to the Denver Broncos during free agency has Chris Harris Jr. excitedly awaiting the 2017 season. Harris is anticipating that opposing teams will be forced to throw the ball more since Denver’s rush defense is improved, and we all know what that will lead to: more interceptions for the best secondary in the NFL.

“I think our run defense in going to be so much better now that they’re going to have to throw the ball,” Harris Jr. said. “I think we’ll have more chances to get more picks.”

The Broncos finished last season with the fifth-worst run defense in the league after allowing more than 130 yards per game on the ground. That’s a far cry from their Super Bowl winning season in 2015-16, where the likes of Malik Jackson helped the defense to the third-best run defense in the league and held opponents to less than 84 yards rushing per game.

The difference this year, according to Harris Jr., is the additions of players like the 325 pound Domata Peko.

“We just didn’t have enough beef [in 2016], we weren’t big enough,” Harris explained. “I think just adding those guys, adding that size, Peko, he’s been a dog in this league for while. So being able to add him and Zach [Kerr], and a lot of things that were doing with our fronts, how we’re changing it up a little bit, I think we’ll be able to stop the run a lot better.”

Harris Jr. also added that he’s hopeful to see more blitzes from the corner position under new defensive coordinator Joe Woods‘ scheme.

“I want to be active. I want to be able to show everything I can do,” he said. “I can blitz, I can cover, i can play zone, play man, I can do it all.”