BetMGM Is Giving Away $160 in Free Bets For NCAA Tournament

betmgm march madness promo

BetMGM is loading up for the wild ride of the NCAA Tournament with a brand new promo that lets bettors jump into an entire day of first round games.

Those who sign up with BetMGM and place a $10 wager on any Friday or Saturday NCAA Tournament game will get $10 free to bet on every single game that day. With this promo, called “Bet the Board,” those players will get $160 free to bet across all games.

Of course, one of the best things about the NCAA Tournament is that there is insane action from start to finish throughout the day. That’s why BetMGM built its March Madness promo this way, because it gives you the ability to get into absolutely every single on a loaded slate.

Click here sign up with BetMGM and Bet the Board with $10 free on every Friday or Saturday game.

BetMGM NCAA Tournament Promo Let’s You Bet the Board

For most online sports betting markets, this year’s NCAA Tournament marks the first time legal wagering is available. As such, the top online sportsbook operators are coming out swinging with a variety of aggressive offers to promote new sign ups and ensure that betting dollars flow through its apps.

What we like about this BetMGM March Madness promo is that it requires a very minimal initial investment. Some apps offer more upside in total bonus money, but often, such deals require $500 or $1,000 initial deposits.

With this BetMGM offer, bettors must simply make a $10 deposit and use it to bet on any Friday or Saturday game. By doing so, BetMGM will offer $10 free for every single game on the board that day. That’s 16 games at $10, totaling $160 free. It’s a creative way to let bettors have an additional rooting interest in every game beyond just following their brackets.

How to Get the BetMGM NCAA Tournament Promo

If you’re new to BetMGM and looking to get involved ahead of the weekend, here’s how to sign up and get this bonus.

  • Click here to register with BetMGM and download the app in iOS or Android.
  • Once at the landing page, follow the appropriate links to complete the sign up information.
  • Make a first deposit of at least $10 by using convenient and secure deposit options like PayPal, online checking, debit card, credit card and more.
  • Place a $10 wager on any Friday or Saturday first round game. After doing so, BetMGM will automatically issue a free $10 to bet on every single game that day.

Note: If you jump into the mix midway through the day on Friday, bets will be issued for Saturday games. This offer is available to BetMGM players located in states such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Tennessee, Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana and more.

Other Ways to Bet and Win

Beyond this headline offer, BetMGM provides players with several ways to win and wager on the tournament. Odds boosts, unique parlay boosts and a $2 million bracket challenge provide bettors with several different ways to score big wins.

Click here sign up with BetMGM and Bet the Board with $10 free on every Friday or Saturday game.