by Aniello Piro 

The Denver Broncos are set to play against the Oakland Raiders on Monday night in what could be the last game ever played in the Oakland Coliseum as the Raiders prepare to make the move to Las Vegas.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of Afternoon Drive on Mile High Sports Radio AM 1340 | FM 104.7 had former Bronco and Raider Bill Romanowski on the program to talk about the potential farewell game to one of the NFL’s most iconic venues and Derek Carr’s future with the franchise.

“For me going there as a Bronco was awesome.” He said. “Me being a Raider, playing in the Coliseum was awesome. There’s something about that crappy, old dilapidated stadium that is special, and because of that, I want to see the last game there.”

As for Carr, Romanowski believes he could still be the guy for the Raiders if head coach Jon Gruden can get him straightened out.

“I think you need to hang onto him,” He said. “If you (Gruden) are the guy, the quarterback whisperer that everyone says you are then you have to somehow, someway get it out of him. A couple of years ago he was in a place where he was taking over the league as a young, up-and-coming quarterback.”

Romanowski continued to say that if Oakland were to move on from the 27-year-old that the Broncos could be a landing spot if the price were right.

“I think if the price was good enough yes,” He explained. “I think if they can get a first round pick and one other pick, whether it be a second or third. Hey, they got rid of Khalil Mack. Why would it be any different for Derek Carr?”

Click Sorry – this audio content is no longer available. to listen to the full interview with Romanowski, including his thoughts on Derek Carr and the relocation to Vegas.

Sorry – this audio content is no longer available.