Some problems are good ones.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t still problems.

Even though the Rockies have lost four of six games, they still are the most intriguing they’ve been since 2010. This team could very well be playing Rocktober baseball.

The problem? It may not be this team.

There is a fairly good chance Jeff Bridich and Bud Black have to make a number of big decisions over the summer that will change the makeup of this team. Let’s hope they push the right buttons.

Sure, the jersey on the front will still say Rockies, but the name on the back may change for five or six guys.

Major roster decisions are on deck.

The most obvious – and frankly the most important – choices come in the rotation. The last 48 hours have been flat out ugly for the Tylers (Chatwood and Anderson), and their starting spots are at risk.

Jon Gray is out of his boot, and Jeff Hoffman is beating down the Triple-A door for a roster spot in the majors. Heck, he’s even had a cup of coffee with the big league team this year, and he’s chugged down the straight black stuff. How he hasn’t stuck is a mystery.

Throw in Chad Bettis recovering from testicular cancer – and the Rockies may feasibly have eight guys for five spots come August.

Again, this a luxurious spot to be in, but it’s still a tough one. Bridich and Black have to put the best 25 on the roster while also maintaining the chemistry of the team. It’s not difficult to see this group is clicking right now.

The ‘problems’ – again that’s what they are in a weird way – don’t stop with the starters.

The Rox have major questions at left field, right field, shortstop, first base and catcher.

Good questions, but questions nonetheless.

Where does David Dahl fit in when he returns? Some folks on Twitter will tell you he’s the best prospect in franchise history. That seems a bit hyperbolic – but how do you possibly stunt the growth of a guy with that much potential once he’s healthy?

In right (or wherever he plays), Gerardo Parra is on fire. No one can argue he shouldn’t be playing over Carlos Gonzalez right now. Gonzalez has the bigger name – other than that Parra has proven to be a more valuable commodity in every measurable trait.

The shortstop position has similar questions. Trevor Story is the obvious pick to play each day, but both Alexi Amarista and Pat Valaika are better options right now. Both those guys may not be on the team in the coming months – whichever one survives likely won’t see nearly as many at-bats as he should.

At first base, it’s unclear if Mark Reynolds can keep up his torrid pace (signs he’s slowing have already emerged), but for now he’s pretty much always out there. That’s pushing the expensive Ian Desmond to the outfield and Parra to the bench – a problem that will only compound when Dahl is healthy.

At catcher, the Rockies have four big-league guys in the system, but only two roster spots. Tony Wolters is secure, but after that it’s a battle royale between Ryan Hanigan, Tom Murphy and Dustin Garneau for the second spot.

Some talk about Murphy like they talk about Dahl. So, when he’s healthy, Murphy probably makes his way to 20th and Blake. That’s a tough break for Hanigan and Garneau.

Head spinning yet?

Imagine being one of the two men tasked with making these decisions.

The Rockies have 30-plus guys worthy of being on the top squad, but the MLB has this funny little rule that you can only carry 25 until September 1.

The key (as mentioned) will be putting the best guys on the team, while making sure the clubhouse stays the healthiest it’s been in a long time.

Some problems are good.

That doesn’t mean finding a solution isn’t tricky.