The Denver Broncos have a lot of excitement surrounding their first-round draft pick Bo Nix. The rookie quarterback has quickly picked up Sean Payton’s offense and is performing well.

Denver Broncos QB Bo Nix thriving in Sean Payton’s offense

Throughout Broncos OTAs and rookie minicamp, Bo Nix has thrived so far in Sean Payton’s offense as he continues to compete with Jarrett Stidham and Zach Wilson for the starting job in September.

In practices local media has been able to attend, Nix looks extremely comfortable during the various team periods the offense has on a given day. Whether that’s reading the defense presnap and audibling at the line of scrimmage or post-snap when he’s forced to read and react and go through his progressions.

Nix hasn’t seemed hesitant to let the ball fly, and more importantly, he’s throwing with confidence vertically, on the outside and inside to the middle of the field. His processing has been on display, which was one of the traits that led to the pairing between him and Payton.

“It’s hard for me to refresh,” Payton said regarding the progress in the QB room. “It’s hard for me to catch you up like on a Netflix series. You guys watched one [episode], and then you missed three, and then you watched one and I’m trying to catch you up. All three of [the quarterbacks] are doing well. Specifically to [QB] Bo [Nix], he’s doing really well. He’s picking it up. There’s a lot that’s going in. He’s throwing the ball extremely well.”

Throwing the ball well, protecting the football, and appearing fully in command when he is in is a great step in the right direction. While competition is being billed at the position, Nix is viewed as the future for this team, and the future could very well be starting right now.

Nix is eager to keep learning even more as the Broncos continue to go through a foundational install that has already taken place early on and will extend through training camp into the regular season.

“It’s all about studying and taking one play at a time,” Nix said back at Rookie Minicamp. “Master it and make sure you know the fundamentals and technique of that play and what the play-caller’s intent is. Essentially, they just want to see you got out and execute it. It’s my job as a quarterback to get the plays started and get the ball where it’s supposed to be. A lot of that is completing passes and run-game operation. It can be a lot but I feel like I’m being taught really well by the coaches. They’re doing a really good job of narrowing everything down and making it simple so I can just get up there, process and play really fast.”

So far Bo Nix is off to a strong start and he’ll look to carry that into training camp and the NFL Preseason in August where the Broncos will get their first look at their hopeful future franchise QB.