I’m typically known as a fence rider, someone who’s going to look at both sides of an argument; I ease into a debate with a helmet and mouthpiece. Rarely do I step too far out on the limb for the purposes of sensation or sizzle. I once predicted that the Denver Nuggets would beat the Seattle Supersonics in the first round of the NBA playoffs (look it up, it’s been documented), but that’s truly my only claim to fame when it comes wild and crazy called shots.

But that was in 1994; I’ve been on a dry spell. I said the Broncos would blow out the Seahawks in Super Bowl 48. I said the Rockies would be in the 2008 World Series; I may or may not have said Manny Corpas would be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Well, I visited it this summer and he was neither visiting nor displayed (oops).

Point being , I’ve got to get back on track. Why not start today? It’s Friday, it’s time to get loose. In this installment of “Bold Predictions” I’m stepping off the fence for your reading pleasure, and, hopefully, so I can be right on something wild and wacky.

First up… Peyton will have a big day, finally.