While much of the offseason hype surrounding the Denver Broncos is understandably going to new quarterback addition Russell Wilson and the offense, Denver’s pass-rush is also set to be an exciting unit to watch in 2022.

At times, both Randy Gregory and Bradley Chubb have flashed Pro Bowl level potential throughout their careers, but have struggled to maintain that high-end play consistently. This year could be the season where it all finally comes together.

“The sky is the limit,” Chubb said of what Gregory and he could accomplish together. “We’re watching film now on the things we did good and bad last year. Just to see how explosive he is off the line—he’s hitting tackles and bending them backwards and making guards buckle when they come to pull him. [He’s] disruptive in the run game and all that. I feel like if we play on that same level together, the sky is the limit. I’m excited to get on the field with him, get moving, bounce ideas off each other and get rolling.”

If they’re able to realize their potential to the fullest extent for the Broncos this season, it would be huge for Denver’s championship hopes, the defense’s ceiling, and Chubb’s wallet — he’s set to become a free agent next offseason.

Chubb is aware of what’s at stake for him personally this season but isn’t letting his looming free agency impact how he attacks 2022.

“I’m not thinking about [my contract] at all because at the end of the day, I know I didn’t put my best foot forward last year on the field and that’s what it comes down to—making plays and doing things for this organization to help us win,” Chubb told the media. “I feel like I wasn’t in that position last year, but that’s my main thing. You asked me what my goals are. It’s to play 17 and win these games—as many as possible. That stuff is going to come. If you stress about it, then you start doing things you don’t need to be doing. My main thing is tunnel vision, looking forward and trying to help this team win.”

Fortunately for Broncos Country, the team is set to win more games than they have in a long time this season.