Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall has taken on some big opponents during his career. Perhaps none bigger however, than the one he just encountered.

Currently in Africa giving back and doing some community outreach, Marshall went on a safari with a group of NFL players, including former Broncos Duke Ihenacho, Omar Bolden and Mike Adams. During the excursion, an elephant started running towards their vehicle.

A video of the incident was posted by TMZ Sports. It also showed them running across a lion. one perhaps a tad more intimidating than Ameer Abdullah. Be warned, the video is NSFW.

Luckily for the voyagers, neither animal actually attacked. No animals, be them elephants, lions or Broncos, were harmed in the video. In fact, the lioness even posed for a selfie.

Marshall has also been chronicling his time in Africa on social media. Here is a picture of him visiting an orphanage in Cape Town.