Offensive tackle Russell Okung received an interesting contract from the Denver Broncos yesterday, with the help of, well, himself. Instead of hiring an agent, the former Seahawks Pro Bowler chose to go about negotiations a different way.

Not many football players take on the role of both agent and client, and it may go a long ways towards explaining the seemingly very team-friendly deal Okung and the Broncos agreed upon.

Okung essentially signed a one-year, incentive-based contract in which nothing is guaranteed. If the Broncos then decide to continue their relationship with Okung past the 2016 season, they can opt into the final four years of his contract.

And though the first year of Okung’s contract has been presented as a one-year, $5 million deal, the true breakdown is as follows: Okung has a $1 million workout bonus, contingent on him showing up to 90 percent of workouts during the offseason; he will have a $2 million base salary; and $2 million bonus reliant on him making the 53-man roster.

Meaning … If the Broncos wanted to move on from Okung today, tomorrow or any time before Okung completes 90 percent of his offseason workouts, Denver won’t owe him a dime.

This is the type of contract that has fans — and probably Okung — wondering whether Okung will be here for the long haul. Given that he’s still dealing with a dislocated shoulder that caused him to miss the end of last season, as well as a laundry list of other injuries that have impacted Okung over the last few seasons, the Broncos look to be considerably worried about Okung’s health going forward. Not only have they given themselves an out after this season; they’ve given themselves an out before this season.

Okung negotiated himself this deal, and so it’s clear that he’s betting on himself; otherwise, he likely could have found more guaranteed money elsewhere. If it all pans out, though, and Okung has a healthy, productive season, he’ll reap his rewards next offseason.