While everyone is talking about the off-the-field issues surrounding Johnny Manziel, there’s another former college star facing even more serious troubles.

For the third time this offseason, Montee Ball is in some hot water, this time for “felony bail jumping,” according to WKOW.com.

Ball was reportedly arrested after police were called to 841 Brewhouse in Walworth Country, Wisconsin.

“Police were called to 841 Brewhouse where Ball was said to be at the tavern drinking alcohol and had felony bond conditions in Dane County not to consume alcohol or be in a bar/tavern,” writes Robyn Turner of WKOW.com.

Ball denied consuming alcohol, though there was reportedly a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. He also refused to take a breathalyzer, but was forced into having his blood drawn after a warrant was served.

Ball was arrested just before the Super Bowl for domestic battery, and in March, even more serious domestic battery charges were placed upon him for another, earlier incident. With his football career on the verge of collapse, if it hasn’t already, his former teammate C.J. Anderson reached out to offer support.

Whether he ever plays another snap, the NFL and all those within it hope Montee Ball can get his life back on track.