The first domino has fallen. With Randy Foye suddenly becoming one of the league’s top deadline commodities, the Nuggets pulled the trigger on a deal that would send their backup guard to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

In moving Foye, the most important thing for the Nuggets was to ensure that they brought a point guard back to Denver, as Foye was the only available point guard on the roster behind Emmanuel Mudiay; the news that Jameer Nelson may require season-ending wrist surgery only made it more imperative.

That’s exactly what they got in D.J. Augustin.

In the long run, though, this trade comes down to those two second-round picks. Both Augustin and Steve Novak are playing on expiring contracts, meaning that they’ll hit free agency at the end of the season, and it would be a surprise if the Nuggets brought either of them back.

Actually, Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Denver may already be looking to flip Novak’s contract.

While it’s early, this is looking to be a big win for Tim Connelly. To turn Foye, a guard averaging just six points in 19.8 minutes, into four movable pieces is a lot of value.

The Nuggets’ war chest of assets just got a little bit bigger.

There’s still over an hour left until the trade deadline; we’ll see if Connelly has time to pull off another move.