Of all the preseason games, Week 3 is far and away the most important. And when the Denver Broncos walk out onto the field to face off against the Los Angeles Rams, it’ll be Trevor Siemian behind center.

While Gary Kubiak says this isn’t a sign that Siemian has earned the starting job Week 1, it’s a fairly good clue that he’s in the lead.

Despite throwing a pick-six against the 49ers on Saturday, the second-year quarterback had an impressive outing, completing 71 percent of his passes for 75 yards and leading the Broncos on a touchdown drive during their first possession.

Conversely, while Sanchez put up more yards against San Francisco’s second unit, he also had two lost fumbles inside 49ers territory.

The big question, though, is who backs him up.

Has Lynch done enough to earn that second spot? Would the Broncos be willing to pay Sanchez $5 million to hold a clipboard on the bench?

We’ll find out soon enough.